Wakeup Call Message
December 13, 2004


 Spirit of the USA 


          There once was a time when the fields were full of cotton and the skies were full of sunshine. Those times heralded the arrival of the plenty and the departure of the famine. I was here with you, and I was one who stooped over in those fields, and stood tall soaking in the sun. I AM The Spirit of the old United States, and the times of her destiny being played out in the sovereignty of all who walked her shores.

          I came here with all those souls who crossed the Bering Strait and the waters of the Atlantic and Pacific. I came here with the very first settlers who ventured forth from their homelands and carried their lifeís savings on their backs. I came here with the adroitness of the first ones who crossed the small stretch of land that separated one body of ice from another. I was the spirit that propelled those to a new way of life and a land that promised freedom and justice for all.

          Now I AM here to see that all of that comes round again. I AM here to follow that ancient memory of intent and see that it carries through these last days of fulfillment of the destiny of the American dream. These are the times of fortitude and a bringing together of the dreams of mankind. All that the United States stands for is up for grabs right now, and when the dust settles there will be a new dream manifesting.

This dream is the one that first arose in peopleís hearts when they ventured forth for a new way of being. This dream is the one that still lives in the hearts of each of those people, for they have returned again and again to various parts of the world in order to set it straight as to what the course of human events can come up with in these days of plenty and these days of famine, for all reign now, and there is no time when I did not.

          My dear friends, when I look back on the history of this land, I see that there never was a time when people came to this country without a dream. Their vision held an air of solace and an air of setting things right. There was an energy about this land that drew them to her shores, for she represented a freedom that they had lost in those far away places. This was a land whose destiny was to represent freedom and justice, and this is why this has been the trying out place for this to manifest.

People come to this land to exorcise the ghosts of the tyranny and the oppression that lurks in their souls, and they sometimes take that freedom that is prevalent in every grain of sand and every fiber on the stretches of vast plains, and they deposit their leavings and take up the envisioned freedom that they collect. This is why there is so much unrest at various times of this landís history. There is the great enactment of the repulsion of the old, and the taking up of the freedom that this land represents.

          Where will you be when the final trumpet blares forth and calls everyone back to their roots? Will you be in the repelling mode, or have you begun to take up the treasure of freedom and justice? Is there a golden chain around your neck that dispels the greed and amorous behavior that some exhibit, or are you carrying forward open armed and open hearted into the lives of all you see?

          There is no judgment in this, for you are all perfect in your place. Is this your time to be the depositor, or to be the recipient of the deposit? It is all there for you, and when it is your turn to fall upon the grasses and allow the wealth that they hold to seep into your every cell, then you will be there, or perhaps that is where youíve been. If it is time for you to be the one to rip out the grasses and render them unable to progress, then that is perfect as well, for all is necessary in order to make this formula work.

          You see my friends, this is what this plan on earth is all about; it is to live the differences and to express the dichotomy of your souls coming together in a common cause. It is to know thine enemy as yourself, and to know thy savior as yourself as well. It is a time when in your history you look back and you see yourself in every accounting and all that is to be. This is no idle time in your history, for in this land there is accountability for all you have done, and you have lived that accountability.

          You are now in the receivership of the rewards. With only a few moments left in time you are in the midst of being received by your own accountability and shown the rest of the way home to the land that represents unity all across the land that is this grand earth, from whence I have come.

Yes, I came from every grain of sand on this earth, and I found my mission to be that of savior of a great peopleís and a great nation that is representing the ultimate exposure to the vagaries of growing up in a society that takes itself to every place of the heart it can muster and every strain of the soul that comes forth from this inevitable backlash of sorrow that is being expressed.

          Fear not my dear friends, for with all that you see taking place on this earth today, you are seeing the results of all of the expulsions of that which has been repelled from the Body of the Christ. There is no more time for the taking in of the residue, for the Body is now accepting only the golden grains of goodness and love from every action and every thought that is delivered to the masses.

This is the time of realization of the ultimate dreams of the whole. When the clouds part there will be revealed the shining sun in each and every heart that lives on this earth. My mission is about to enjoy the climax of its purpose, and you are all in my arms and the sound of laughter and love is profound. Take thee now to the golden shores of love and see that you are there and you are beautiful beyond compare.


Thank you dear Spirit of the USA,

Love, Nancy Tate