Wakeup Call Message
December 09, 2004




          My dear ones, there is a decidedly different feel in the air this day. Do you feel it? It is an air of busyness, yet peacefulness as well. In this air you will be able to get much accomplished, and the way you can do that is to ease yourself into the flow and allow what comes to be your reality and the foundation upon which you will build you day and your tomorrow,

          Good morning my loved ones I AM Sananda, and I come to you this day with a message of love and the power of its presence in the everyday world. No longer it is necessary to work hard for what you desire in life. No longer must you toil and labor over the chores of the work that you do. There is an effortlessness about things today, that if not tapped into can actually slow down the achievements of your day.

          Allow me this example: There is a man in Philadelphia who works in the steel mills in a neighboring town. He has worked there all of his adult life, and he has worked hard and well. This day he arose before dawn as he usually does, and after his morning preparations drove off to work. As he arrived in the yard with all the other workers, he noticed a decided change in the scene. Many of his co-worker friends were lolling around and chatting with each other. They were so at ease, that they did not even seem to see their forman approach, for as in the past if they had they would stiffen up and almost salute the man, in their silence to be serious.

          This morning the forman saw that his workers were congenial and friendly with him. He smiled, for he could not help but see the difference in the men, and the friendliness he felt from them. One of them stepped up to him and asked how his family was; he wanted to know how the forman was feeling on this fine morn, and what he could do to make the day’s chores easier and more productive.

          This surprised the man from Philly, for this man had always seemed to have a chip on his shoulder for the forman. What had happened; what was different? Why was this air of congeniality so strong right now? The Philadelphian strode up to the man and greeted him and the forman with a robust “Good morning.” He figured that he might as well join them in their ease and friendliness, for to him it was his nature. It has been only while at work that he has had to cool his easy nature.

          But why is that, he wondered. Why did I think I had to do that? Was it because I feared for my job, or was it because all the others seemed to be more subdued as well? He pondered on that for a few moments, and a thought occurred to him, perhaps each of us was feeding on and tuning into one original fearful thought, and then it was perpetuated and carried forth, without anyone even realizing or understanding what had taken place.

          Now this man and the forman had broken the pattern. They had had another thought and another result of that thought. They had acted from the moment, and that had changed history. It had brought a new perception to the situation, and the ease and flow that resulted was firmly established in the moment.

          This is the kind of thing that changes the world, my friends. This is the proverbial snowball that upon release rolls down the hill and collects more of itself unto itself. It is what keeps the momentum strong and sure, and propels the growth toward the ultimate leveling off and substantiation of what is.

          See the power of the first thought and feeling. See the momentum grow and build and carry forth the original thought. It is a magical formula, yet it is so sure and so perfect as to be born from the first thought of The Creator. You are that first thought in manifestation. You are the creations that were perpetuated in his image, and in that image comes the power of creation once more and forevermore. This is no small feat that is being accomplished, for Creation is being established with every original thought.

          My dear ones, I AM standing here this day and seeing each of you arise and make a choice for the day. Whether you realize it consciously or not, you do establish the momentum of the day upon your first thought and feeling of the day. See how powerfully you can create your day in the image of The Creator, when you monitor your thoughts and change them if you see that they do not empower you. There is nothing more volatile for peace and love than the joy with which you create your reality. I see the potential streaming from your hearts, and I have seen you decidedly and deliberately stop the thought process that represents fear and change it to a thought that represents love in its purest form.

          Ye art giants amongst kings and queens, and in that energy you can change the world to reflect your deepest and purest thought of who you are and how you relate to the rest of existence. You are the blessed among you and indeed the meek shall inherit the earth, for the meek are strong and mighty in the name of love.

          I salute you!


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate