Wakeup Call Message
December 22, 2004



 St Germain 


          My dear ones, this is a time for all of you to take a break and listen to your hearts. There is something afoot here that is about to split wide open. You will need to be in tune with your hearts in order to stay above all the stuff that is coming down. There will be a great rumbling in the united States and then all will explode into fire and promises left unbroken over the centuries. The truth will come streaming forth, and there will be many who will need your compassion and your prayers.

          I AM St Germain, and I AM here to announce that there is soon to be an unveiling of many secrets that involve the people of the united States and the world. These secrets have been glorified in their absence from the peopleís knowing, and when the truth comes out, there will be no more shadows behind which they can hide.

          My friends, I AM imploring you to listen in these times to what your heart is telling you. I suggest that your soul will guide you through the coming weeks and months in a way that will keep you above the fray. The ones who are to be revealed for their complicity in acts against the public good are to be found to have no recourse but to surrender themselves to the highest authority of the land and of the cosmos.

          Yes, there will be representatives of all of existence, and within those representatives, some may appear to be of this earth, and indeed they are, but not completely. In order to be able to take part in this coming together of the ones who subverted the truth, these ones of off world origin before this lifetime, must have had basis in life as a human and citizen of earth for at least this one lifetime, therefore binding them in the free will society of which they are part.

          After the dust has cleared and the arrests have been carried out, then the work of rebuilding and setting in place of the new regime will occur. It will be according to the people that the new regime will be elected in due course. Until then it will be according to earthly and galactic rule that the united States will be instituting an interim government.

          I remind you all of this time to come and some of the properties of it, because the time is so near. I wish for all of you to search your hearts and your souls for the compassion in these holiday times to shower upon the ones who will be taken from the limelight and shown the error of their ways in choosing to rule with the methods that they have been employing.

          Many years ago, an occurrence took the rule of the world for some people out of the realm of free will. This caused the state of the world as you now see it, and as some who have been unaware will soon see it, though they know not now of this. When this happened those years ago, there became a wall of energy that separated these ones from the rest of humanity. This wall precluded any influence of the light for the ones who chose to build this wall; therefore they chose to subvert the free will, thus removing themselves from that state of being.

This took them from the jurisdiction of being able to operate in free will with the rest of humanity, and rendered them excluded from the effects of it. Since they took the measures that created the disaster of 9/11, they have been removed from the influence of free will, and intervention was allowed to take place. Still then we had to have the allowance of the people of the world to intervene, and that meant a majority of the people.

This has been accomplished and we have been in the stages of intervention for several months. We are at the point now where all is in place, and the assurances that there can be no more delays are as much as buttoned up. You the people have taken steps as well to assure that your actions speak as loud as your words, and in this you are assisting to create the foundation upon which the gates of heaven are opening and allowing this to come in full stream and manifest in your presence.

          This is what you have accomplished my dear ones, for it is an energetic allowance that was necessary. This is why we have been working with you so diligently to establish a frequency on which we could come and be effective in your free will allowance and co-operation.

          We are here now my dear ones, and in a very short time you will hear the bells ring and announce the truth. Keep your compassion strong and donít forget who you are, the children of a wise and compassionate loving God Source of All. These are the days that try menís souls, and you are the bearers of the torch of compassion, so let it flow and shine your light all the way to Heaven.


Thank you dear Master St Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate