Wakeup Call Message
December 21, 2004



 St Germain 


          There is a cabin in the woods that is covered with snow, and it bears a gentle glow from the window. Within this cabin lives a man who goes out into the snow from time to time and renders it packed for his travail. This in no way hinders his assent into heaven for he lives there all the time. His life is so simple that he knows no worry only rhyme.

          Good morning, I AM St Germain, and I tell you of my Dad of long, long ago. My Dad was a man of simple pleasures, and lots of hours spent sitting by the fire in silent contemplation of his life and the life outside his door. When he did this he gave thanks for all of the love that he felt and saw in the forest and the waters of the lake that rippled nearby.

          In the winter with the snowbound banks of the lake meeting the icy frigidness of the ripples, he sometimes strode out on that icy coolness in search of a spot deep enough enclosed in the icy strength to hold him long enough to make a hole to spear a fish through. This sustained him through the days and the nights of treasures from his root cellar.

          Many a day I would venture on out to that snow covered vale and partake of some of his gentle magic, for it would bring me back to the days in which I rested at his knee every night as he told me the stories that closed my eyes to sleep. He knew how to end the day with a gentle whisper and a grand goodbye to the shadows that crept in to my room.

          One day my mother went away and left us alone to live the best we could. You see she couldn’t remain with us, for God spoke and said it is time, do you remember? Do you remember that this is the time you agreed to come and be with the angels so that you could sing with the angels and wait while the lullaby soothed us off to sleep each night?

          She had agreed to go and live with the angels, and serve us from her place there. She had wondered at the sight of us when our tears washed away the sorrow of her parting. We got along all right without her, for her memory still hung strong and soft in our home. She had prepared us well for the leaving, and in her stead there was a peacefulness that begat the gentle presence she had been.

          All of my memories of Christmas come flooding back to me as the snow begins once more to whiten the streets and bath the moonlight into submission. The days of solitude are filled with the merriment of children and parents bundling along through the streets on the way to Grandma’s house to celebrate the treasures of the holiday spirit. We were not alone at those times, for our neighborhood came and fetched us to their bosom when the bells of Christmas rang across the land.

          This is a gentle refrain from which I give you a feeling of Christmas. I share with you the joy of all of life, and the welcoming solace of the loved ones who watch over us all the while. There is no greater blessing than to have your family about you on the days of merriment, for we all are family, and in that truth lies the togetherness of humanity for these holiday seasons and for all the year through.

          I take my story and I whisper it to all the ones who serve their cause around the world. I bring a few moments of gentleness to the outside world in which they find themselves. It is a gentle whisper of truth that gives them a peace that stays with them through the day, and carries back into the night. It sustains them through their loneliness and stays with them through the shock of the early morning light.

          You can do that too. Sing a gentle song of love to the ones too far from home. Tell them a story of love and gentleness as they sleep to overcome the tortures of the day. It will get them through. It will carry them to heaven on a wing and a song, for you are all their brothers and their sisters. They know who you are, and they love you for what you do for them. Love them for what they do for all of humanity, for they are in a noble cause, though it may not seem so.

          You are too, my dear ones. You are the ones who hold the candle in the window and light it every night for the return to home of these loved ones. You bring the ray of hope to these ones as they settle into a moment of peace with the gift of love that you send them. You are the gift bearers for the gift that does not come wrapped in pretty paper with a festive ribbon. Your gift comes enclosed with a rainbow of stars and a sheath of gold.

          I think of that family of long ago and the gentle Spirit in which they raised me. I rejoice that I had that family. I also rejoice that each and every one of you did too. You have all rejoiced in that family, for we have all experienced what another has, and that is how we can know the love and the gentleness that comes from that beauty. That is how we perpetuate it throughout all of eternity.

          I leave this message now with a song in my heart and I join your chorus as we all raise our voices in beautiful song that rings around the globe and touches the heart of all of mankind. Blessings to you all.


Thank you dear Master St Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate