Wakeup Call Message
December 17, 2004


 St Germain 


          There comes a time in everyone’s life when they must take stock of what it is that is going on with them right now, and before anything else goes awry. When your life seems to echo the life of the world around you, then you may indeed be giving yourself to the world in a way that depletes you rather than invigorating you.

          Good morning my dear ones, I AM St Germain, and I will let you in on a little secret. I once gave myself over to the world and in so doing, I found that the world took what I had for its own purposes and left me nothing in return. Instead of allowing the flow to go round, I didn’t do that. I had opened up and then put the stopper in my heart and soul, so as not to allow the fruits of my labor to come back around from the world of love.

          What we do with our time and efforts is determined largely by the attitude we carry about ourselves. When we show others that we love ourselves and respect our life, then that comes back and works for you rather than against you. Take for instance the troubling times in the Middle East. There is a prime example of how people give their power away and then put up the blocks to keep themselves from receiving the love of the universe.

          The universal love flows through everyone all the time. There is no time when there is no love available to anyone. What ebbs that flow is the attitude of separation. When this is done, then the flow gets backed up and saturated with the fear of the ego, which finally can only find expression within its own nature, which is to see only separation. That of course brings about more of itself, for it gets its food from itself, and more of the same.

          When you leave the door open for the flow; when you allow the universal love to saturate every cell of your body, then all that can come from yourself is love. There is no way that fear can overcome love, unless the door to the flow is closed. The ones who fight for something set up an energetic barrier that keeps what is at their door from them. They cannot feel the flow of love, for they have decided that it is not there for them. So they fight to express the very nature of themselves, and the resistance creates the blockage.

          This is what has taken place with the illuminati. Eons ago when the reptilians came to this planet, they had a vision. They determined that they could carry on with their idea of conquering the universe and beyond. They were only in the strength of their persistence, and did not give the idea of universal love the due it had. They thought that in their own supremacy they could rule all of existence. So they set about to prove just that; they set themselves above the others who approached life with a feeling of love and allowance of what it is. The reptilians regarded that idea as weakness.

          What they did not see was that their idea to hold on to their control was weakness rather than the other way around. And so they had to continually hold on to their power and obtain more of it from others in order to continue in their idea. Their thirst was never quenched, for they were not open to the truth of the power of love.

          Now we are seeing the same thing being played out, throughout the land. We are seeing it on the homefront and across the waters . We are seeing it in our towns and our families. We are seeing it in our own selves and our relationship with ourselves and our egos.

          Then we stop and we observe how some around us are living in a constant state of peace, and we wonder how that can be, and why do we not find that. My dear ones, we need only to stay within what makes us feel strong and joyful; what makes us know that we are living our truth. When something happens that makes us feel withdrawn, or that gives us an uneasy moment, then that is our self whispering to take heed and pay attention to the flow that is perhaps being ebbed.

          My dear ones, I realize that this is a subject that has been addressed a bit much of late. This is because it is so indicative of what is taking place in these days in pockets and cities all over the globe. To understand the difference between giving of oneself and giving oneself away, is to be able to keep the flow going and to keep the love shining out to all of the world. You are all beautiful beings, and when you forget that for even one second, you stop that flow.

This is a time for the ease of being, and the wonderful time of love and compassion. Seeing every one as yourself is the way to the oneness that is the truth of all there is. In that truth lies the secret to the fulfillment of the destiny of mankind. See it as your reality and love the ground you walk on, for it is Holy Ground.


Thank you dear Master St Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate