Wakeup Call Message
December 15, 2004


 St. Germain


          My dear ones, this is the day when you will be going to the Garden and returning with all kinds of wonderful abundance. The Garden is the place in your heart where dreams are born. The Garden is the wonderful place where you reap the harvest of your sojourn on earth, and then you share it with all the others with whom you come in contact. This is a time of plenty, and when you look around you, you will see that this is so. I AM St Germain, and I wish to help you realize that the abundance does not live outside of you, but within, where the light is always on, and you are always home.

          When you go out into this day today and walk in the sunshine, or the falling feathery flakes of white, or the tasty drops of moisture that cleanse the dust from your brow, then you will remember these words and know that they are true. You will find the perfection of these words, and you will know that you knocked on the door and found yourself waiting for your return.

          Isn’t is a wonderful place to be, my friends where the shores meet the sea of tranquility and the birds fly overhead with their song of triumph over the ocean deep? Isn’t it a wonderful place to be my dear ones where there are dreams left unscathed and no wishes of love unanswered? This is the time of giving the news to the universe of the Christ Child and the gifts that he gave to the stars and the oceans and the trees.

          I once know a boy who gave everyone he met a great big smile and a hearty, “Hello there my friend! It is so good to see you!” And then he went on his merry way, once he had basked in the warmth of the returned greeting. He knew what it was to be one with all. He knew that there was no separation, and that the person he met was himself, and he was them. This boy went on to become President of the united States, and to this day he is revered for being a wonderfully jolly soul, who loved his country as himself.

          Now you have the chance to find that oneness in your heart. You now more than ever are living in a time when that is the easiest way to be, so why not go there? Shed that shirt of melancholy and distrust, and find the love and compassion that lives in your heart and soul. It is a long willing place to express the wholeness of who you are, and now it is opening the door to your outness and walking on out to make the outer as the inner.

You are responsible for this my dear ones, for you have said a big resounding “YES” to this. You have flung the door wide open and announced that you are ready to meet yourself coming out and going in and any which way but loose, loose on the streets of yesterday, and bound to the memories that keep you there. You have flung the doors of Now wide open and announced that you are through with the memories of yesterday and remember them only in the lessons they teach you, and your ability to go beyond those times and into the fullness of NOW.

Ah, yes, it is sweet my friends. There is a certain lassitude that is being replaced with a gentleness of spirit and a peacefulness that is coming forth and will soon reach all the way around the globe, into every nook and cranny and every grain of sand. This peacefulness is being born in every heart and soul across the globe, and what you are seeing is the expulsion of all that stands in the way of the freedom of Spirit and the joy in living on this great planet earth.

Give us your tired and your hungry and we will fill up the cup of kindness and see it overflow with the embrace of all who come to the table. This is the feast of the ages, and with the advent of the new age there is a decided glow about all that is. When you behold the flowers and the rainbows that fill the Garden and grace the sidewalks of heaven, then you will see that it is home, and you are the bearer of the glad tidings that are bestowed to each and everyone who comes to the gate of the promise they made to themselves and all that is.

Take thee to the Garden and I shall see you there, for we have a date with destiny, and it is ever so sweet.


Thank you dear Master St Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate