Wakeup Call Message
December 14, 2004


 St Germain 


When you wake up in the morning and you put the coffee on

Do you smile and say good morning or do you often wear a frown?

Do you think that life is ever going to even out for you?

Or do you think that it will wear on just like a worn out shoe?

I’ll tell you now that it is entirely on your side,

And if you see it clearly you’ll laugh and shout out loud.

For in the darkest corners that lurk round every curve

You’ll see the Master standing and ready for to serve.

For masters they are always in readiness for you

To come to them in pleasure and give you love so true.

So the next time that you ponder upon the question fair

Remember that we’re always ready to take you there,

Right to the highest mountain and the shining lake so blue

For you are our dear brethren, and we love you oh so true.


          My dear ones, this verse and rhyme is our gift to you this day for a jolt is about to awaken you all to a new sense of peace and joy. You are about to climb that mountain and swim that lake. And when you do you will remember that you are one of us, and you will always be by our side in every kind of weather through all miracles of faith and understanding.

          I AM St Germain, and I come to wish for you to tell me your worries so that I may give them back to you in healing song, and watch you render them worries no more, but casual incidences of interest. We are here for you at every turn in the road, and when we see you faltering we hug you a little tighter and whisper of our love.

          No longer are the times going to drag you down through another long stretch of time. No longer are you going to wonder if in the next lifetime you must meet your worst enemy. That is all over, my dear ones, and now is the time for the bouquets and the garlands of stars that shine just for you.

          As we come to you in our heavenly bodies and hover over your cities and villages we do so knowing that soon we will be landing and taking you into our arms in trust and fellowship. We know that there will come a time soon when all of you on earth who know of us now will be right there beside the ones who see us coming and know not what they see. You will be there to tell them of our benevolence and our assistance to you. They will trust your gentle and sure voice, for you know in your heart of hearts that it is so.

          My dear grand souls of earth and heaven, you are about to embark on a journey so profound, so mighty that you will regard the days and events immediately prior as the warm up for the final events of this great life. When you awaken some morning soon, you will hear the call of the geese as they make their final journey back to the warmth of their wintering. This will be your signal that it is time to come out and make yourselves be heard. This is the time when your voices will ring out through the wilderness and bring the ones of darkness to their feet. They will know that they have echoed their last refrain of the song that they have been singing, and now it is time to change their tune and sing the song of heavenly retreat.

          Now my dear ones, take this day to find the best of the times for the joy in which you live. Know that even in the shadow lives a ray of light and a nuance of hope for the whole world. This is the time of year when hearts are singing, and hearts are crying out for someone to come and give them some cheer. We send you this, a word of love and celebration to take to the ends of time, for we are your brothers and sisters, and we join you around the tree of light forevermore.


Thank you dear St Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate