Wakeup Call Message
December 07, 2004



 St Germain 


          My dear ones, I AM here to talk with you about your own sovereignty in the world of events as they are today. There is one thing sure, and it is that there is no one who can take your sovereignty from you. There is no one who can rob you of your right to be independent as to what you see as your role in this world and the manner in which you carry it forth. I, St Germain do see that the perfection in which you all carry out your days is that which is born in the perfection of The Creator Source of All.

          Still, I see that there are those who would seek to subvert that fact. I see that there are those who would see that it is up to them to destroy any relativity you have to that purpose with which you came to his earth. I also see that that is their defining moment, for they too are living in their sovereignty and expressing the purpose with which they came to earth.

          Let us examine that for a moment. This is the time in your history, for as soon as it is experienced it is history, when all the cards are being laid on the table. You are seeing that there are moments in which you feel that the world is going crazy, and all the kings men are fighting a battle that cannot be won. This, my friends is only part of what you perceive. The other part is that there is no way on earth that there can be a failure, for all that you see is being played out in absolute perfection.

          I would like to present an example by which I tell you this. When you awoke this morn, you did so with the idea that you would be doing this or that, or that your day would be one of exciting times. Perhaps you awoke with a feeling of dread, for this day would indeed be a sorry one, or at least no better than the one before. My dear ones, this is only the beginning of what is to be a great reawakening from a slumber that has kept you captive in amnesia. Once the awakenings are filled with the freshness of what the day can bring, then you will be able to see that you are in the process of becoming, in reality, the sovereign expression of who you are.

          Having said this, I now tell you that this is indeed what is happening for you. You are expressing your sovereignty by doing exactly that which you are experiencing. This is the wonder of the times.  At no other time in your planetís history has your sovereignty been more fully expressed than right now. You are awakening from a deep sleep, and in so doing, you are finding that the long forgotten emotions that have been accumulating are awakening and finding voice. These emotions are expressing themselves in the old energy from which they came, and in so doing they are being expelled from your being and transmuted to finest gold to return for the expression of fullness of being.

          Why do you think there is so much strife taking place in the world today? Why is it that not a day goes by without some news of mayhem and murder taking place in some part of the world? It is because all who walk this earth are reliving old memories and clearing out all the debris of fear that has propelled them for eons. This is the mark of the ancients. This is the fulfillment of the promise that the ancient ones spoke of in their prophesies of endings. The endings are of the amnesia that has been in place, due to the shutting down of the DNA. This is the reawakening and the process of coming back to the fullness of the DNA.

          My dear ones, when you see all the ones who are leaving the planet these days, and the means by which this is happening, think of these words, and dispel the feelings of despair and anger. Realize instead that this is the ringing of the bells of love, that the angels are welcoming these souls back to the table of love, and the last supper is about to commence. You are heralding the end of the suffering and the beginning of the jubilation, for in the echoes of the dying cries you can hear the ringing of those bells and the chorus of the angels as they welcome the heroes home to their waiting arms.

          Love is all that matters here, my dear ones, and in this love you can find the freedom to go on and work toward the promise of the times of freedom. This is the legacy that you are all leaving for the return of yourselves. Those of you who choose to leave this lifetime, are preparing already for your return, and are seeing the golden streams of light in which you will return.

          Those of you who have chosen to remain on earth through these formative times are doing so with the fullness of your purpose. No matter what it looks like, you are all in your chosen places, and the beat goes on toward the fulfillment of the destiny of mankind.

          As you read these words and find your own meaning to them, it is with the sovereignty of your soul that you perceive and connect with the true meaning. It is through your Godself that you whisper to your heart that there is but a small amount of time left before you will be joining in the chorus that will ring around the earth in glorious celebration. Then you will go on in the wonder that is the moment and the splendor of the ages.

          I salute you, and I embrace my brother Sananda who stands here with me, tears of joy on his countenance and love in his heart, for the beauty that you present to the New Golden Age of discovery. Welcome home!


Thank you dear Master St Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate