Wakeup Call Message
December 03, 2004

 Galactic Federation 


          Give yourselves a break and take a vacation from the toil and terror that is infiltrating the minds of those who would choose to immerse themselves in the affairs of the world. This is the time to look upward to the heavens and see that you are indeed not alone, and that we are watching over you, and taking the precautions necessary for the peace and prosperity that is about to fall upon the earth and render your lives glorious.

          We are the Galactic Federation, and there is a movement beginning on earth to invite us into the public eye and introduce us to those who as yet are not aware that we exist. This movement has been introduced to many, and will be spread far and wide in the days and weeks to come.

          We are very grateful for all that you are doing to carry forth the wonders that will be presented in the days to come. There are those who will be making the first of many presentations and requests for jurisprudence to be carried out on behalf of the people of the earth and of the universe as well.

          What is done here on earth affects all of existence, for the whole is affected by the actions of the parts. When we gather into accord in the ministrations of the work that is to be done, then there is nothing that cannot be accomplished. This is and will continue to be your finest hour, for you are about to embark on a challenge that will set in place a precedent for the facilitation of unity between all of the universal events and activities that will put into place the extraterrestrial involvement of the whole of existence.

          Going into the detail just a bit, we would like to invite you to entertain the idea that we are to be allowed intervention through the courts of the land. We are standing ready to come and be heard not only by the courts of your land, but by the media which will present some truths to the people that are in readiness for exposure.

          No more will Heaven allow the interference of the free will of the people by those who have in-natured all of the agreements that they made with Heaven. No more will the will of the people be usurped for the ones who would seek to subvert the choices that the people make in the name of the Creator within each of them. This is the time to take notice and allow the truth of what has been taking place to come forward and be heard. There is no precedent by which the activities of the dark forces can be justified.

          My dear fellow beings of light, I of the Galactic Federation, Commander Gorton, do announce and declare at this time that we are in readiness to visit each and everyone of your honored courts of the land and present our case to them in entirety and without omission of fact. There is enough evidence by which the activities of these ones can be halted immediately and completely, and that is what has been ordained by Heaven.

          We seek to come and be among you, and to embrace each and every one of our family of earth, for it has been a long time since we have looked you in the eyes and recognized that you know who we are, and that we share a love so complete and profound as to render anything else non-existent. We come in love, peace and joy, and we come in the energy of Heaven on Earth.


Thank you dear Commander Gorton of the Galactic Federation,

Love, Nancy Tate