Wakeup Call Message
December 10, 2004


 Christ Child 


          All my little darlings from a starlit sky, I AM coming to you from a moonbeam pure and a ring of gold above. I come to you with a song in my heart and a lift to my step filled with love. There is no disdain in the land of nod, for there is only the peace and the joy of knowing oneself, and the magic within of every girl and boy.

          My darlings, I AM the vision of Christmas Now, and I bring myself to your dreams. I awaken the child in the purest of hearts and the ones that are laden with sorrow, for there is no way to combine the two and ring through the heavens in song. So I mingle the two till the one is transformed and the love of the heavens shines through.

          This is your friend and savior the Christ child of Bethlehem. I come to you from the purity of the memory of days gone by. I come to you with a message of love and unity, and an idea of Christedness on high. There is no sorrow with the love of the ages, and the bringing of stars to your eyes, for in those stars shines the tears of joy and the unending love of the ages.

          Take thee my loved ones and sing me a song of treasures and golden embraces, for there you will find the solace that heals and the unending symphony of love. This carries you forward in life’s easy game and plays with your heartstrings a plenty. So that when you lie down to go to this place, you welcome the ones of Divine Grace. They keep the light on, and they sing the song of welcome. Come sit for a spell, and I will weave rainbows through every fine strand of golden and ebony hair.

          My dear ones there’s plenty who’ll tell you a tale or two of love and grand design that takes you to a place of starlit skies and magic in the rhyme of monkeys and giraffes and lions so fair, and gazelles as they bound ore the lea. But there’s only one you and the rest of the zoo to exclaim and laugh in glee. For this is the time of going within and bringing forth the perfection of what lives inside and carries you wide and far in a simple direction. So take heed my friend and allow the winds of change to follow your lead, for all that remains of this perfect game is to bring the embrace of love and joy to every girl and boy, in the name of the Father and the family of man.

          Go now in your blessedness and wind the garland of love and ribbons of rainbows around the glitter of balls of light and icicles of dripping gold and silver, for there is a child within each of you just waiting to explore the riches of the heart and the solace of the soul born in love and lived in everlasting glory. Then place the angel atop the tree and in her arms settle the golden star of promise and see them shine forth their love and light to all of the world. I AM the child of light within each and everyone of you, and I sing my song with you.


Thank you dear Christ child of Christmas Now,

Love, Nancy Tate