Wakeup Call Message
December 16, 2004





          My dear ones, there comes a time in everybodyís life when they decide it is time to stand up and be counted. Is this that time in your life? Are you one who is ready to take the bull by the horns and take a stand for what you feel is the way to be in this world? Then I tell you this, there is someone who is standing right beside you, and that someone is the next-door neighbor and the gal down the street. Good morning, I am Baldor and I will share with you a story about a time when I took things for granted and didnít care to look at the deeper side of things.

          In those times I garnered all the support from friends that I could, and still I didnít rely on my own strength to see me through the most difficult of times. I gave all of my power to the others who came into my life, and stole who I was in the name of friendship.

          I allowed that to happen for I gave them my power. I did that because I couldnít see that I had as much as they did. In doing this I was trying to gain some of their power, so that I might be as worthy as they were. Of course that didnít work. They didnít realize what was taking place, for they too were in the game, and unwitting though we were, we kept the game going until one of us woke up and realized what was taking place. Thatís when one walked away from the friendship, and the other was left to ponder on what happened.

          Usually what occurred then was that someone, a teacher, came along and gave me a chance to see how what they showed me, or taught me related to the situation I had just been involved in. Finally I saw the light, and I realized what I had been doing.

          However, insidiously, this happened a few times more, in different circumstances, so as to cover all aspects of the scenario, for those old fears can sneak in every door that you hold open for them. I see now how I allowed, and even invited them in; I knew not what I did, and therefore fell into the same trap time and time again.

          Now I see; and if that takes place again, I remind myself what is taking place and I turn it around and make Light of the situation. I no longer allow another to take my power, for I know that I was giving it to them. This is what many of us have been doing, and when we do that to ourselves, we do that to another, as they do. This is not a blaming message, this is a message that reveals the weakness in all of us when we operate strictly from our ego, and its welcoming of the fear into our lives.

          Now we are seeing more and more what it is that keeps us bound to our 3D way of life. We are bound to the residues of fear-based ego, and though the light of love is constant and always at our side, there is no recognition of it, unless we set aside the fear and welcome in the light.

          Many of you are probably saying that you know this, why is Baldor telling us this kindergarten stuff? My friends, it is because some of us have taken ourselves back to kindergarten to take up some of what we left there. We have revisited it to become aware of all that we neglected the first time around. Some of us are surprised by what we find when we visit there, and we realize what a wise move it was when we listened to our heart and intuition and revisited the truth of our being.

          I wish to tell you now that I AM very happy with what I see from this vantage, and because I can visit you all in the etheric and converse and share with you, I know that there are many who are cleaning up their lives from the inside out this time. You are assuring the ascension of you soul because you are opening the closets and bringing the light into it in order to see the remnants that are lurking in the deepest shadows way back in the recesses of that closet. As you do, so do I; and that is the formula for success, for as we come out triumphant, and loving ourselves and each other for our wisdom, we lift all of humanity and share in the glory.

          I shall leave this visit with you now and go out and bask in the sunshine, for I have had enough of the shadows for now. I gift myself with the warmth of the sun and The Creators gifts to all of us, and I gift you all with my love.


Thank you dear brother Baldor,

Love, Nancy Tate