Wakeup Call Message
December 08, 2004




          This is a day in which roads are followed and trails are set for the duration of time. And since time is fleeting and only one moment in truth, there is a new beginning with every breath and every thought. Hello, my dear ones I AM Baldor, and I come to this day for a specific reason, and that is to tell you of a moment in time that is already set and the trail is widely followed and the results are carving a voice in the wilderness that is speaking loud and clear.

          That voice tells of sorrows gone; it tells of love in the whispers of the song in the heart of the loved ones. It tells of the finest situation that can come from the wings of the angels, and it comes from the new way of being on planet earth.

          I AM coming to you from your future, for you have passed every obstacle to the peaceful future that you intend. You have expressed the desire to go to the lengths it will take to create a peaceful and just future, with no one left out, not even those who would seek to destroy you today.

          When I see you in this world of the future, I see that you have come to this place with the memories of all the times you go through this day faded away, with only the knowingness of the events left to remind you of what it took to come to this future. You have learned that what comes from strife is more strife, and what comes from love is more love. You have also learned that there is nothing that you cannot do that is in the Spirit of love and forgiveness, and that is the reason that I AM here today.

          Some time back I shared with you that I AM a part of this one, and that I have incorporated myself back with her. This is the truth of the matter, and in that capacity I have been able to travel to the future and stay on the same plane as all of you. I have taken a sojourn through time to this place that is just over the rainbow. It is a place where you are living the benefits of NESARA and taking the teachings of the Masters to a new height. You are removing all the obstacles to the time machine that is ever revolving and bending to your wishes. You have learned how to manipulate time to your advantage and to the advantage of earth and the rest of the solar system as well.

          There is a purpose to my coming to you this day, and it is to show you that with your persistence and your involvement actively, you did experience NESARA and you moved beyond it with the knowledge that it awoke in you. You are beautiful beings and I AM so pleased to be able to send you this Ray of Hope. As you go through these next times before NESARA is announced, remember what I have told you, and see that the bright future you envision is yours already. You have created it and it is a brand new world that you are enjoying in this time frame. See what you have to look forward to.

          So my dear friends, continue to walk in the energy of NESARA and know that you are providing a platform on which it can stand and be counted by all on earth. This is your finest hour and I see you all in glorious colors and radiant beams of light.

          Your future is blessed and you are the bearers of the blessings, along with all of your family of the Universe. I love you all!


Thank you dear brother Baldor,

Love, Nancy Tate