Wakeup Call Message
December 28, 2004



 Archangel Michael 


          There is a time when you must find it in your heart to search for the truth of your being. This is not a time to look outward, except to see how what is inside is manifested outside, and then to see how you feel about the harmony of that.

          Good day, I AM Archangel Michael, and since this one is within my energies at this time, I would like to take this opportunity to convey to all of you that you have received a milestone occurrence, and that is that there is now a dispensation that merits the approval of the highest judgments there are known to man.

          Before you speak of the vagaries of judgment and the idea of approval, letís think for a moment of how your language has been formed, and interpreted. There is an original meaning to your words, and the literal translation of these words is in the origin of their vibration. When you speak forth a group of words, you speak in the common way of putting them together. Sometimes modern society has given these words new meaning. I AM requesting that this one pause in this transmission for a moment and look up the meaning of those two words in her dictionary.

          From the American Heritage Dictionary: judgmentó1. a. The ability to perceive and distinguish relationships or alternatives; discernment. B. The capacity to make reasonable decisions. 2. A formal decision, as of an arbiter in a contest. 3. An estimation. 4. An idea; opinion; thought. 5. Criticism; censure. 6. A judicial decision. Approvaló1. The act of approving. 2. An official approbation; a sanction.

          Now my friends, you see how some words can take on a differing meaning with consideration to the context of the whole. Is that not representative of life? Is it not that we judge ourselves, and one another, though in a way that does not carry the same meaning at all times?

          I ask you now to see that which is in your heart, and to know that what is in your heart harmonizes with what your words represent. I ask for you to see the truth of your words as represented by the feelings in your heart. That is where the trueness of your words is represented in your feelings within.

          My dear ones, there is so much taking place these days that is in a flux. There is only the idea of the loyalty to oneself and to the meaning of the words that are used. Is it not time to see the true meaning of the words spoken to you, and to feel the true energy of those words? It is not the words that convey the feelings at all times. This is one way in which you can telepathically receive the love that is behind the words spoken.

          When one utters words that carry a feeling of unsettlement, they are not always words of unsettlement. That is because the true meaning behind the words represent a different meaning. This meaning represents the feelings that the speaker generally has about himself, not about you, though the words are directed to you. It is an inward curve back that is not seen by you, unless you see the feelings in the eyes and hear it in the intonation of the voice.

          You are all becoming more apt in this receivership. You are discovering that you are tuning in to the nuances of the sound rather than the content. This is proof that you are elevating in your vibration. All you need do is listen to the words you utter and see that you are choosing more sensitively the words you use. You are becoming more aware of the connection between the sounds and the intent. This is a beautiful appearance that is being presented, for to us in the angelic realms we see your communication in colors and sounds of vibration.

          Take heed to what I have conveyed here, and you shall be understood perhaps even before you understand yourself. This is a time when there is a fine-tuning taking place, and you are taking that ability you have to fine tune your field of communication to a level that is heavenly and comforting and resonate to the ears of God. There is no way that you cannot be in harmony with God, for your connection with God is a constant. It is your connection with that God part of you that you are returning to. This that I have spoken of today is but one of the examples of that.

          I rest my case and take myself to the halls of learning in the annals of time. I see you all there, and I join in your ministrations of fine-tuning in joy and laughter, for you are lightening up and it is Fine.  I love you all, and I join you in the song of love that is never misunderstood, for it is the Chorus that has no words, but the sounds of love expressed throughout All the Land.


Thank you dear Archangel Michael,

Love, Nancy Tate