Morning Wakeup Call Message
December 23, 2003



            It is a day to put the laundry out on the line to be seen by all. It is a day to clean out the closets and do away with all the extra garbage that has been accumulating for these years. It is a time of housecleaning and readying home for the new family that is moving in. This is the family of man and they are the ones who live in the Light of God The Creator.

            Good morning my dear ones, I AM St. Germain, and I AM here to let you know that there is a very fine pot of stew bubbling on the stove, and it isnít vegetarian this time. It is a pot that will serve everyone, and no one will be left out. The meat of the matter is being served up, and there are no holds barred on the spiciness of the mix.

            When I came into the project I did so with the full knowledge that there would be a great deal of tribute to the ones who are leading the way. I knew that there would be some pedestals that would come toppling down. I also knew that these who were on the pedestals would come down with a loud thump and a feeling of chagrin. I wanted this to be a lesser degree of pain for them, for they are children of God, as are all of us. This, Iím seeing is not coming easy, but it is coming surely. When the ones in question release all their hold on the world, it will be with a great deal of chagrin, and discomfort, for they do not give up easily. What I see happening is that all those who are living in the light of their own knowing are making this tumble a little less painful, through their lightwork, and through their love and compassion. This can be an easier journey with this flow of God energy.

            I ask that you also look at your own lives and see how this can apply to the circumstances in which you find yourselves personally. You can also apply this love and compassion to that, as well as to the world picture. This will then stretch out and radiate into the world, giving a degree of freedom that matches yours.

            Taking the world situation into perspective is the way to see it for how it applies to your life. Considering the mess that is in the political arena now, you can compare that with your life personally, and see where you can polish and refine your lives. What you would see as a solution to the world problems can translate to a solution for yours. If you see no problems in your life right now, then apply the gratitude and joy to the world, as well as to your life.

            When the present circumstances of world power are changed, and the people are back in control, through their indigenous Spiritual powers, you will all see the crisp cleanliness of the banners flapping in the breeze of a warm summer day. You will see the abundance of laundry that has been washed and proudly displayed for all to see. This will be a time of clearing out the old treasures of the past, and assimilating them into your life today. The gold will sparkle in the sun, and the silver will grace the table once again. Everyday will be a day for the finery in the home, and it will be an effortless thing to keep the beauty speaking in your lives. It is the journey that gives the gifts, and when the gifts are received is when more gifts are produced and filtered into your life. Remember this, and you will allow these gifts to present themselves in the sharing.

            I would like to take this opportunity for one more thing today. I would like to tell you how much I love all of you, and how wonderful it is to share this most wonderful of gifts with you this Holiday season. When you arise on Christmas day Sananda and I with all the rest of your family will be there by your side in every nook and cranny, at every spare chair at the table. We love to celebrate with you and take part in the festivities. So know that we are looking over your shoulder as you open the gifts and exclaim your delight, for the gifts of the season are gifts from God. We extend our holiday wishes to you this day, and we see that you are all going to have a wonderful joyous Christmas because you are in line for the wonderful gifts that you bring yourselves, through Spirit. Sing those songs of Noel, and let the voices ring throughout the universe in their Heavenly chorus, for we join you in the sweet refrains.

            All is well; the blessings are upon you. Merry Christmas and a most joyous of all New Years is awaiting your bidding.


Thank you dear Master St. Germain,

Nancy Tate