Morning Wakeup Call Message
December 18, 2003



Come to me my sweet ones, and sing of gentle things.

Come to me my darling ones and know that you are kings.

Show the world your greatness, and be the best you are,

For in the doing sweet ones, you are the brightest star.

All you need do to do that is Be the loving one

Who says to all I love you and brings the world to One.

For in that song you sing now there is a sweet refrain

Of dogs and cats and lambs now and all the wondrous rain.

That falls upon the bosom of gladness in the snow

And when you get to heaven, Grace you all will know.


            My dear ones, I AM St. Germain, and I come to you this morning with a poem of love and gentleness for this is the power that swiftly takes you into the next realm of world peace and untroubled hearts. When you feel the love that wells up inside you for the child who stares transfixed at the puppy in the window, you know you are seeing Heaven at its finest. When you walk in the park and see the grandparent swinging in the wind with the child hanging on to his sides in the mirth of it, you know you are witnessing a miracle of love and joy.

            Bringing this wonder to your senses is the key that unlocks what you observe that lies in wait for the release from within yourself. This is the freedom that gives you the lightness toward ascension. Relieving the tensions of the day, is a gift that you give to yourself and the world, for when you are free in your heart, so too is the world.

            In this day of strife in the world you are mighty in that you can see the other side of the headlines, and recognize the gifts that come wrapped in black. You can know that these are the steps that take the hill to the other side where all is bright and gay, and the gifts are piled into mountains of gold. See that other side when you see the headlines, and smile through the tears that waft unbidden from your eyes, for that will transform the sorrow to joy in the Grace with which you are being comforted.

            There once was a man who came to his home after a long day toiling in the fields. He sat in his easy chair and his loving wife came to his side with a steaming cup of strong tea to soothe his senses. This warmed his heart and eased the weariness from his bones, for she sat with him and told him of her love for the events of the day. She told him of the wonderful way that the fragrance of new mown hay drifted up from the fields and filled her with peace and knowing of a bountiful gift. She told him of the times when she heard his call to the horses and their answering neighs of friendship. She told him that the children had lovingly prepared the evening meal, and chosen his favorite lamb chops and potato, laced with fine creamy butter, and adorned with fine carrots from the garden. Then she told him of the new addition that would be coming into the family in a few months hence.

            This man at that announcement knew his world was complete in that moment, though part of the news was still in incubation. This was the grandest time of all in his life to look forward to the new growth and the new family that would grace his household and see the sunrises and sunsets by his side. He smiled and embraced his dear ones, and his heart was gladdened with the realization that he was living heaven on this grand earth.

            This, my friends is the life you once lived on this earth. This is the life you can live again, in the new energy that translates to suit the new times. It is the joy of anticipation of the new family that is being born through your love. It is the nurturing that comes sweetly, surely, consistently from the ones who love you. It is the gift of the simple things, the things that bring joy to the heart and a sweet tear to the eye. These are the feelings that are eternal when love reigns, and times are joyful and loving. These are the things that reign when there is turmoil outside, and loving peacefulness within.

            So see the rainbows of life and the risings and settings of the sun as the gifts of sharing that are available to all, for these are the examples of the gifts from The Creator that keep on giving long after the day is done and the workers are home from the fields. Take these sweet memories into the night, and awaken in the morn to a whole new day basking in the light of the most Holy.

            I AM in you, and you are in me. We are together in Oneness for always and ever.


Thank you dear St. Germain,

Nancy Tate