Morning Wakeup Call Message
December 15, 2003



            Top o the mornin to ya! May I recommend a good walk in the park to stir the senses and rouse the cobwebs out of the brain? It is a beautiful mornin to go to the extra lengths to bring in the sunshine and bath in the glow of the love that surrounds the earth at this moment!

            I AM St.Germain, and I come to you in the holiness of the love of the Creator, for there is no finer than the expression of the love that lives in the purity of that Love. It is a time to smell the roses and to know that all is right with the world.

            Going down to the recesses of the mind this day, I discovered that within that mind there was a great deal of moving about of the vagaries of time in the places of the calibrations of the mighty against the meek. There is no longer a division in that respect, therefore, there is noting but illusion in that regard. Consider the appeasement of the sacred trust between man and beast. There is no division there either, except within the mind, and there we see the truth of the matter to be the revelation that will bring all that is intended for this world into the reality that we walk in.

            When I came to this one this morn, I did so with the express purpose and thought of presenting yet another reason for the delaying of NESARA. Instead, as I made my way to this one’s beingness, I saw that there is a desire for some hope, some message that will appeal to those of you who have assigned this day such an expectancy.

            My dear friends, this is a day for all of us when we can bring the status of NESARA into our hearts and into our lives as it is done. We can go out into our days and find the purpose in action of what NESARA stands for. We can live this day in celebration of the promises that are brought through this law. This is not an impossibility at this point, for it all starts in the Divine mind and in the heart. There are no barriers there, and no delays, no lackings. There is where the reality lies in living that which you intend.

            See the truth that lies in the promises. See how they unfold in your lives, and see that the world is indeed reflecting those promises. We know that there is to come a wide-sweeping array of change; now is the time when those changes are at our doorstep and the door is open to allow them through. It is happening, my friends! Just look at what is taking place in the world! Know that this is the result of all your work in behalf of NESARA. See how powerful you are to institute the principles of this law before it is even announced to the world officially. See what purpose is being played out, and how the events of the days are being created in the energy of NESARA.

            There is no greater purpose than to play out the dreams that come from the whole. You are bringing this law into being through your workings on all levels. It is a fine degree of energy that has been exhibited to bring this to the front. You are doing more than creating the announcement, you are adjusting the frequencies to a level where miracles can happen, and they happen within each of you who walk this planet. This is the time when one by one, group by group, the energies are being transmuted to become the energies of a fully realized reality. This is the ascension of the planet and her people to the status in which the miracles of Divinity will be commonplace.

            So go, my dear ones, and explore this day with the knowing that it is already working. NESARA is doing its job in the workings that are taking place around the globe. Did you expect that in the blink of your eyes all would be different? Well here it is, the blink that is in earth time. One day you will awaken, and all will be in beauty, love and brotherhood. It will be as if only a moment has gone by since you lay down to sleep and then awoke to a new day of freedom. This will be the realization of that perfect world, and you will exclaim, “It seems like yesterday when we began this work to get NESARA announced! And now look at the world; not only is it announced, but it has created the world in this new finer image. And we did it! We brought this miracle to our world, and it seems only yesterday!”

            You are the Bringers of the Dawn. When that new dawn comes you will know who you are and why you took this journey. You will know who your family is, and you will see who you have portrayed yourselves to be. Now is the time when you lie in wait for that day. I say to wake up to who you are right now and know that you know it all right now, this instant. Then see the results in your lives, and herald the coming of the moment to be right now in it’s own way. You are powerful, and you are changing the reality in which you live right now. Give the White Knights their due, and know that you are part of that Holy band of angels to whom you have given permission to bring in the Light for the unity of purpose of today’s miracles.

            I leave you to your day, and salute your every move, for it is Holy and it is grand!


Thank you dear Master St. Germain,

Nancy Tate