Morning Wakeup Call Message
December 12, 2003



            Show me a morning with snow on the ground,

And Iíll show you a morning with love all around

Show me a day with love on the run,

And Iíll show you a day that is filled with fun.

For there is no end to troubles and woes

Till you go to the end of the earth and its glows.

For there is no time to sit sad and forlorn

When love is around on an early fun morn.


            Good day my sweet ones. I AM St. Germain, and I come to you with a promise of wonderful dreams and wishes come true, for even if you have no time for the sweet things in life, you will find that they will creep into your place and sweep you away from the sorrows if you allow. When you allow you go the extra mile to give yourself the gift of yourself, for there is that knowing that there is nothing of worth that does not come with a smile, either from you, or from someone who brings it to you.

            I realize that you are waiting for a bit of news from me on matters of state. I will say this to you. There is coming a degree of cynicism before the great announcement. This is a cynicism that bespeaks the great minds of those who are led by their minds and their intellectual left-brain. This is but a temporary occurrence, and is the natural progression of those who see the world in that way.         

As they wend their way through the alleys of those thoughts of logic concerning NESARA a wondrous thing will happen. They will find themselves considering the possibilities of some of the points of the law, and they will find themselves in a place of reasoning from which there is no return. These are pivotal ones in this race to announcement, for it is a race. It is a race involving the light and the dark, and it is in the minds of the ones who would see that it is the race of the century. Those are the ones who give their logic free reign and discover that the logic will unleash itself to the vagaries of self-realization, and then the logic becomes something that is more far-reaching than has been in their experience. This is the progression that the higher self takes when the logic is unleashed and allowed to take itself to the outer reaches of the waves of the brain.

What happens then is that the right brain takes a step into the picture, and leads the way to the subject at hand. This is the start of the emotional address of said subject. When the emotions enter the picture, then there is a whole new approach. With the new energies if transmutation that are fully here now, this opens the door to the release of the logical way of approaching things, and the real truth of the soul. And then the eternal mind can emerge and influence the life of the one in question.

This is happening all over the globe, my dear friends. Those who before have not allowed themselves to consider the gentler side of the issue are coming to that place. This is going to have a large effect on the pushing forward of the stream of opportunity for the announcement. This is the difference that will push it over the edge. It has been foretold that the meek shall inherit the earth. Now the mighty of mind are beginning to join the ranks of the meek, and adding their insight and energetic allowance to the bringing through of the energy of allowance.

Feel this, my friends. See it in the eyes of the teachers, the lawyers, the scientists. See it in all of the left-brained actions around the globe. Note the neighbor who is now supporting the alternative ways of thinking in medicine and education. See it is the songs that are being sung around the land. See it in the newspapers that come from the small town, independently owned publications. See it in the address to the various bodies that are dealing in legislation. See it in the various organizations that are instituting the helpful ways to assist the employers. See it is the business-suited men in the park, playing with the squirrel who comes for a morsel of bread and a kind smile. This is the time when the hearts are coming to the front of the existence of the people of the left-brained society. This is the shifting of the tides of energetic approach to the wonders of the world.

Lift up Thine eyes to the heavens and know that ye are saved; for the meek shall inherit the earth and all is right in the heavens. Blessed be the children who come to the will of God. Blessed be you, One and All.


Thank you dear Master St. Germain,

Nancy Tate