Morning Wakeup Call Message
December 09, 2003

            Good morning my friends, we are back in business this morning with the essence of the stars lining up to say hello. It is an awesome tribute that is coming to the heavens in your eyes, and it is going to produce the desired likelihood that all will come booming forth in the antiquity of man and woman in the time element that carries the promise of love and good fortune.

            I Am St. Germaine, and I wish to say that there is an element of joy that supercedes the usual in this message. This one is joyfully experiencing her new home, for she knows that this is a stepping off place in which she will find a prosperity that will echo that of the world.

            I hold true that possibility that there will be the merriest of Christmases this year, for to know that there is a new age of freedom at our door is to know that the promises that have been given are to be realized in a very short time. This is a legacy that continues, to aid the homeless and the tired, and heal the sick and wounded around the world. Contained within that legacy is the time for the tributes to the odyssey that has brought you this far; and that contains all the essential elements of the healing that will take place within the hearts and souls of all who walk this earth.

            I would like to tell you a story of an event that occurred while this one was in her process of relocation. She does not even know of this, till now. When she relocated to this place she stirred up old energy that was planted here eons ago. This energy was one of retribution and sorrow for the tribal wonders that did not take place within her life here, and that were prophesied. Now she is feeling the release of that sorrow from these lands, and she knows within her beingness that all those who are here are positioned in the places that they were in before. The puzzle awaits but a few more pieces to return to their places, and then the story will unfold and the old prophecy will take place.

            This is the way of it, my friends. All over the world this is taking place in various spots of turmoil. This is enabling the forces of light to contribute the necessary action to prolong the stay on Mother Earth, and seal the fate of the earth and her people to go on into the life and experience that is destined by the moment. This is the hiatus of the century, and it is serving to awaken energies of retribution around the world. No more will the people of the world be subjected to the wiles of the other forces, and no more will the other forces gain their strengths from the unreleased energy of tribulation that is permeating the soils around the earth.

            You are all involved to some degree with this kind of exercise. This is the legacy that you all are leaving yourselves this day. Know that you are in the perfect place and the perfect plan for the newness of the life on earth to emerge and take the reins of the new Golden Era. Just keep on keeping on in the energy of manifesting your lives in the way that each moment guides, for this is the destiny that creates your future. This is the doubling of the efforts of unitedness and there is nothing that will stop the forward momentum that comes from a gentle heart and a true soul.

I speak with you now in the light of the most Holy association with the soils of the earth. This is the ground upon which you eat, sit, speak, carry on your life; and there is no substitute for the knowing that accompanies the destiny of purpose that brings you to this door. Welcome to this adventure, and take your seat among the other Holy ones, for it is your show.

            I bid you a grand journey, and an inspired interpretation of the majesty that is before you. Blessings One and All!


Thank you dear Master St. Germaine,

Nancy Tate