Morning Wakeup Call Message
December 29, 2003



            Come unto me my children and I shall tell you of a day when all will be glory and all will be fun. This will be a time when you will all find the secrets in your souls and you will know who you are and who I am. This is a day when all the secrets of the universe will be laid out in number and rhyme, and it will be the continuation of the principles of self-governing that shall rule your world and your ideas.

            I am Sananda, and I come to you with news this day of a multi-national unit of energy that is being formed at this minute in time. When I speak of a minute in time I do so with the fluidity of the timelessness that governs the actions of those who are following the divine pathways of creation. Within this minute is the spectrum of light that tells the others of the timeliness of the coming events that will change the world and all those in it. This is the gift that is being wrapped and delivered by the energies of change at this time.

            When these changes come about it will be through the governship of the cosmos. This is the path that takes you all back to your origins and on into the infinity of that memory. This is a time when the coming years activities will take precedence over those of the past, and will take an action that will compile all the events of the year into a conglomeration so profound as to change forever the way this planet is ruled.

            Come my dear ones, and I shall tell you of a few of those events. There is to be a collection of bodies that will come together and decide that the only course to freedom and worldwide peace is to convene regularly and with equal governship of the people. This group will come to be within a short time in the span of cosmic time. This group will have representation with all those ethnic groups on earth, and it will be the start of a world truce order for the ending of all the conflict on earth.

            Another of the probabilities of the coming year is that there will be a start of the globalization of the armies in the world to be armies dedicated to the peace making actions that will help to bring sustenance to the poor and starving around the globe. These armies will take their weapons and turn them into ploughshares, for they will no longer be ordered to bring harm against their own. They will be gloriously happy in their work, for they will give love and alms to the ones who in the past sought to seek them out and bring them down. Brother and sister will be traveling arm in arm with each other through each otherís lands.

            One more action that you may see this coming year of the cosmos is that when all go to sleep at night it will be with the knowing that soon they will remove the bars from their windows and the locks from their doors. This will free them up to allow the fresh night air to swim through and refresh the air they breathe and the energy that permeates their sleeptime. They will hear the soft murmur of the leaves as they waft in the breeze, and will smell the aroma of the dew on the grass as the sun arises to kiss the day awake.

            My dear ones, remember how it was to live in the freedom of youth, and listen to the tales of the grandparents as they recalled the days of their youth? Do you not long for those days to return? They will return anew, in the promise of the coming times. You may see many differences come from the new awakening. These promises will join with the sweet memories of yesteryear, and combine to be the catalyst that takes you forward into the bright new day of tomorrow. You will create that new tomorrow in the eyes of the Creator that lives within each and every one of you. This is the promise that you give to yourselves.

            You will be awoken to many secrets of your origin in this cosmic year. This will lead to the remembrance of your history as is recorded within the cellular memory of all of you. There are to be some revelations that will change the way you think of your world, and this will clear up many misconceptions upon which this society has been allowed to build. Be ready my dear ones to open your minds and your hearts to some truths that have been waiting to set you free from your own self-imposed ideas of life on planet earth in the millennia in which history has been formed.

            I welcome you to this day and to this finest hour of life in the cosmos and on planet earth. We are all in service to the coming events that you bring to your lives and your times on earth. We will walk with you through these changes as you call on us to be there. We are your family and this truth is to be revealed in the coming times.

            Blessed be the angels that walk the earth; for they are kissed into remembrance by their own mothers and fathers of truth and wisdom. The meek shall inherit the earth, and the glory that is them shall reign in the heavens forever.



Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Nancy Tate