Morning Wakeup Call Message
December 22, 2003



            With the advent of the holidays upon all of you, we are bringing you the deepest reverie that is known to man, and that is the oneness that is brought about through the knowledge that we cannot fail when we have our wisdom intact and our antennae tuned in to the innate knowledge that Christ is within all of us. I AM Sananda, this day, and I wish for you the happiest of holidays, and the joyful pleasures that come when family is all around and in our hearts.

            With the coming Holy day that celebrates the birth of my childness, I AM bringing in the new energy of the golden Age of love and compassion. This is the time to gather to your hearts the promises that the Christ child represents. This is that you are capable of all that is Holy when you are as little children. This is the innocence in which miracles take place, and this is the energy in which those miracles are unbounding and constant.

            Did you ever watch a child as he crawls across the floor heading for an object that has caught his attention? This is way that things are accomplished in Heaven. His focus is on nothing but the object, and he is smiling from ear to ear. He gurgles perhaps, in his glee, and he wanders through the expectation as a mouse to the cheese. This is all he knows for the moment, and if he should be distracted by interference, he shows his disdain for that moment, and then he refocuses on the interference. This is his dedication to the moment, and his ability to know the object of his attention to his fullest.

            Now I ask, how much do you focus on this in your life? When was the last time you stood in focus, was interrupted, and then in the next moment applied that focus to the new subject, without irritation? I suggest that you apply this practice to your lives starting now. I suggest that you bring the energy of the Christ child into your experience. This could be a real eye opener for you; it could be the start of more miracles in your life. When you do this, and you exclaim to me in your glee, “Sananda, it works, thank you!” I shall hear and applaud your knowing, for we are in this together.

            Now I would like to address another point that has come up within the last few days, and that is that there is an ongoing attempt by certain forces in your lives to subvert the truth of the goings on of the ones in the world who would bring a damper not only on the holidays, but on the freedom of the people as well. I am telling you that this is not going to happen. We will not allow this subversion to go on and we will be there with you when you usher in the new Golden Age in a very short time. There is no longer any reason for this kind of action to take place, and to allow the energies of sabotage to continue to capture the rights of the people. There is a fine line that has been drawn, and on this line lies the ability of the lighted realms to intervene with any earth damaging ideas that are being planned by man. We bring to you the realization that this is a peaceful planet in birth, and there is a Christness about this birth. Recognize this, and fare well from it, for it is you, and it is me and it is All of Us who are being reborn in the Christ energy. The wise men are here, and the North Star is in place. Go to the stables now and see the representations of the animals and the wonder that they bring to the proceedings. It is a far, far lovelier place that is being brought to this life, and you are the bringers and we are the bringers.

            We shall see you on the bridge, and all is well! Salu!


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Nancy Tate