Morning Wakeup Call Message
December 19, 2003



            All the kingís horses and all the kingís men are putting Pinocchio together again!

            Hello, my dear ones! With this twist on the stories so endearing, I begin this message today. I AM Sananda, and I come this morning with a tale of how there are no more lies that will go unseen around the world and in-between. When there are falsehoods brought forward from this day, they will be revealed for the misrepresentation that they stand for in the practices of the world society.

            As we stand on the threshold of another day of birth celebration, I bring you another falsehood that will be known throughout the world as to its misrepresentation, and why it was started thusly. This is the story of the owl and the pussycat, and it tells of the coming together of the good and the evil. This is a tale that pervades the auspices of the new world order, for it reveals the true meaning of the deceit that conveyed the passages of the ways in which to live. When the rules were set down by the owl, it was with the knowing that cunning and wariness, plus fleet of wing would be the victor. This was the theory by which the owl carried out his might every night.

            However, the pussycat knew that he had the advantage of the cunning and the patience to stalk the owl, and await the moment of diversion when he could pounce and devour his prey. He carried that into the wee hours and snuck around in his stealth, finding the perfect time to make his plunge.

            The owl realizing at the last moment took to the air and came to land on the back of the pussycat. This would not do, so the cat raised his body and shook furiously the menace from his back. He shook and he ran and hid beneath the branches of the new tree, with its coverage low and dense. From there he plotted his course, and devised a tale for his cohorts that would belie that truth of the happening. He knew that he would have to make it a good one, for there had been many tales that gave an idea of cunning and wisdom in the staying apart from the clutches of the owl.

            Meanwhile, the owl landed in the uppermost branches of the parent tree to the catís escape. He found the wait to be most thrilling, and one of ease and contemplation. From his vantage at the top of the tree, he could see when the cat exposed himself, and therefore make his assault. This was to be his finest hour; he would reign in the land of the owldom, and soar through the nights with his position held secure.

            Suddenly there came a cry from the lowly branches. This cry was piercing and mighty. The owl swooped down to investigate, and saw that there was another owl, feathers a flying and cat hair covering the ground. Where did this owl come from? He has invaded my territory. I must save the cat, for he is mine, and there will be no other king in my land but me. With that he swooped in for the kill. He found the neck of the invading owl, and with all his might drew the offender forth.

            The cat lay in the snow, his breathing labored, his pride hurt. He took note of his body, and realized but for a few superficial scratches, he would recover and take stand against the next assault. He pumped himself up and found the strength to carry on into the night while the two owls battled for sovereignty. He moved a fair piece away, and found a corner in a lair unused, to lick his wounds and continue in his quest to be superior. He remained thus for the remainder of the night, for the owls took their battle to the end, and the pussycat was forgotten.

            When this is seen played out on the battlefields of the darkness, you may remember the tale, and give credence to the moral of the story. There is no tale of the predators that ends in total disgrace. When light is around, there is always Grace to be accepted. Though there may be injuries, and battle scars, there is always the escape to find the way to the safe haven.

            The owls and the pussycats of the day are finding that their strategies and pride are taking them out of the stream of light, and putting them into harmís way. They are finding that no matter the cunning, the light of day is always going to come around and find the victor to be the one who walks away into the light. When this happens my friend, there will be much compassion to stir the feelings to healing, for into the night there is much plotting and planning, then into the light of day comes the truth of the matter. There is nothing that cannot hide the truth from the light. The wounds are evident; the feather lie on the cold snow and the fur is spread in patches over the ground. None of the combatants are to be seen, for they have stolen off to their places and licked their wounds, and continued their vain aggressions with themselves.

            I have brought this story to you in this manner, for I seek to show you the way it is in the animal world. The instincts for survival are for the most part emotionless. There is an energy of survival that reflects the neutrality of the love energy. Within this love energy of the Creator source is the answer for all of life. Apply that instinctual behavior to the emotions of the human existence, and you have the setup for what is taking place today. When the truths come out about what has been taking place, and the lightworkers are told to remember the compassion, bring to mind the owl and the pussycat, and you will find the intelligence of the Creator Source in the dealings with all that is.

            I take you now to the end of this tale, and I say to you that there is no greater truth than the truth that waits for you in the knowing. This is your time for the coming forward of the truths of mankind to support the truths of the Creator. I hold my hands out to you in understanding and love, and I offer my assistance when the going gets a little to the rough side. The love is there my friends, and it never leaves. Find the love in everything, and it will extend out from you to the ones who have not found it within them. That is the power you have.

            I leave you now in the embrace of the Holy ones. You are here for each other, and you are the Holy ones. Blessings, and Salu!


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Nancy Tate