Morning Wakeup Call Message
December 31, 2003

Happy New Year Greeting


            First I want to express my deep appreciation and love for all of you. Your heartfelt support and wishes for me to carry on with my next work has been very moving to me. I am so grateful for this beautiful family from which I will never feel separated again. That is why I cannot just cut the cords with you through this means. I will share with you from time to time messages of interest about my work and others of timely interest.

            Bob and I are working on a plan by which some of our family will be sharing messages that they receive from their own innate wisdom, or that of other Spirits. These will be introduced to you very soon. In this way we can keep messages coming to you once or twice a week, and keep that energy of sharing prevalent within this site. Stay tuned for developments of this.

            I want to bring you a short message from Lord Enki. He is telling me that he has something to say to all of you. He is in love with all the people of this world, and he is ready to show that love in whatever way that he is bound to bring it to you. Here is what he has to say.

            My dear family; I am here this day to tell you of a song that is radiating from my heart these days. It is one the tells of the reunion of all of us with the core of light that sits in our beingness and radiates forth in itís promise of love and thanksgiving. This is a song that I will be continually singing from this point on, so that you may all here it when you tune in and recognize your names on my heartstrings. I bring to you the memory of all of you that I carry with me in my infinity. I give you life as surely as you have given me a reason for living. This is a wonderful day for me to be able to come to you in this way and add my tones to the chorus that is singing in your honor. Grand is the refrain, and I along with Sananda, are singing to the rooftops of the universe in joyful reverence of the God within each and every one of us.

            This coming year will be one of wonder and delight. Much will be coming to the front in the awareness of man, and we will see the joy that builds and the compassion that heals the broken Spirit of so many. This is a time of coming back to the love and the light through the transgressions that will be transmuted to greatness in action. All there is, is Light, and all there is, is Love. That is you, my family, and that is I.


Thank you dear Lord Enki,

Nancy Tate