Morning Wakeup Call Message
December 17, 2003



            Good morning my dear ones. I AM going to take you on a ride through the solar system this morning and show you the various planets and their function at this time. We shall start with the planet that you know of that is at the outer periphery, and that is Pluto. I AM your commander from the Galactic Federation some know as Ashtar. I sit in the Council of the Lords with a membership of eight within that tribunal. We oversee the functions of the planets in the recourse of their coming back to the perfection in which they were born.

            With Pluto, there is a continuing presence of mists that coagulate between the substance of ice and of crystal. This changing is representative of the sunís influence and the reflectability of the particles as they catch the rays and coalesce with them. There is a language that is spoken in the process, and it differentiates between the effect and the intent of the effect. Yes, that is the order; the effect is the parent of the intent, for it is the relativity, you see. When this takes place, the rest of the planet intermingles with the energies of light that are emitted from the core, which is molten crystal. This creates the changing of the particles, and their evolution from one property to another. There is a time when these two properties is joined by another, and that is when they come into direct lineup with the other planets. This recent occurrence came about and the effect was to render it all one. In other words, the energies from the core neutralized and became solid and the particles on the surface and the immediate surrounding atmosphere became the same as the core. Thus the entire consistency of the planet was the Oneness that brought it all to the sameness that represented the Creator in entirety. This was the function of Pluto in that it represented the oneness of the solar system from the outmost planet that has as yet been recognized.

            Now I take you to Uranus. This planet is the cousin of Neptune, and is therefore the star of the outer edges, for it came before Neptune to its totality. In the split second of its completeness of expression, it depended on the Creator for the substance with which it would derive its identity. This was to create an energy in which the cousin could relate to it. Uranus was the fore-bearer of the times of eruption of the various volcanoes on its surface, and their activities stimulate those of Neptune. There is a noticeable difference in those two, for there is always that split second of cosmic time between the activities of each. This is the hiccup, you might say, of the system, or the echo, as some have termed it. The function of these planets is to give that relativity in sequence to the idea of commonality within two ordered systems within the larger systems. This is the gift and part of the whole that is necessary for the function of the system within the galaxy.

            Next we take you to the planet called Jupiter. This planet being the biggest known of the system is the one that establishes the memory of the system. It is a close sister to the sun, and in this capacity stores all the energy records from the sun as it absorbs the rays of intelligence. This is why Lotar gives you representations of the intellectual aspects of the planet. Within this capacity it is the storehouse and repository for the energies that hold the system together in the function of the growth and creation that takes place within the system. It also acts as a stand in for the sun with the eventual diminishment, and stepping down of the function of the sun as the central figure of the system.

            The next planet we feature is Saturn with its rings. This planet is the holder of the beauty in expression. It comes with the rainbow of colors that would be seen in the event that the rings turns were slowed down to a point where you could see the various colors and patterns represented there. These rings are made up of millions of thought patterns that are manifested in gases that represent the intent of the planet. This is what you may call the adornment of the system, and gives us all the idea of the beauty of the Divine. This changes every evolution of the planet around the sun, and in its course of travel, it brings itself back to the expression of its moment of knowingness within that course. All the factors of the system have influence and speak to the planet, thereby bringing the influence to her expression.

            Venus is the next planet in this lineup, and she brings the expression of the love in relativity to the polarity of the gendered idea. This is the planet that gives idea to the relativity of the differences as they relate and coalesce with each other. There is the drawing back and the moving toward that is in constant pattern over her surface and within her core. This creates a constantly moving and changing system that in its circular motion combines the energies in a constantly accelerating and abating movement. This is the planet of the system that lends this energy to the whole, and keeps the idea of sameness constantly in a guessing mode. Through this process, there is always the underlying energy of the need to progress and bring into oneness the motion so that there may be heard the voice of the creator, so there is within this function the moment of climax when the motion stops and the voice of the Creator is heard. Then the process begins again, for the moment is so fleeting there is that propulsion to regain the moment of ecstasy.

            Your earth is the next planet in line, and I know that you know much about your home. What I feel that you may not be clear on is its function within this system. Since this planet is made of crystalline energy, she represents the mirror of the system. In this capacity she reflects the activities of her function out to the rest of the system so that they may see themselves in her. They do not have to react and respond, just to receive and intellectualize while performing the other functions of the system is the course of this response to earthís function. When this happens then the growth of the whole can take place and the changes will become apparent in the interaction of the whole with all parts of it.

            Mars sits in the next position, and brings the warmth of the system to its knowing. When I speak of warmth I speak in the broader sense, for to know warmth is to know oneself. This is a melting pot into which all of the ingredients are poured and stirred by the proverbial sword of truth. When this planet emits the warming rays of the sun, which have been met and mixed with the energies of heat from the core, the mixture is the catalyst for the manifestation that takes place in the whole. This also acts as a sealer of the mix, therefore the messenger of the Creator that all is well.

            The innermost planet, Mercury, is the bystander that collects and transmits the rays of the sun that serve to create the impetus by which all of the above functions take place. This is the roadmap, energetically, that steers all to their destinations. When this is accomplished then Mercury sends the message for continuation and recycling of the same energies. This is the way in which this planet holds the other end of the spectrum with Pluto for the expression of the functions of the others. This is the one who speaks through her directness to the sun, and the lineage of the ancients. It is a constant with which she speaks, so as not to divert the energies from the constancy of the whole.

            This, my friends, has been your guided tour through your solar system. I trust that this has shown you the nature of the Creator in expression, and how the nature of this holographic universe operates. Look now to yourselves to see the relativity between you and all there is, for you are an integral part of all there is, and without your particular part of the puzzle, there would be imbalance. This brings me to the subject of the other three planets of this system that are coming back into balance with the nine that you know of. As you progress in your mirroring, those three others will come back into the reflection and be noted by all of you. This is the function that you are doing right now in this ascension process that you are involved with right now. See your power? See the purpose with which you operate at this time?

            No wonder we are so at awe with you. This has not been done before in this system, or in this universe. This is uniquely your party, and we are all standing by lending our support when we can. Bravo to you all! We salute you!


Thank you Lord Ashtar, and welcome back to my energies,

Nancy Tate