Morning Wakeup Call Message
December 10, 2003



            It is a fine day this morning to tend the sheep in the fold. It is a fine day this morning to go out into the world and reap the harvest of the ventures that have been set in place to this day. I grant you the ability to find the practice that led you to this day and rejoice in the doing, for it is your story, and it is your song. Good morning my dear ones I am Kryon, and I would like to give you this morning an example of the way that you have created this day for your own.

            You came to this earth with the intent to go through the times of the human and the reptilian. This was the plan set down in the annals of time. You kept your authority of the Heavens in a secret place, where you knew it would be safe, yet you would most likely not access for a time. This was the way in which you would find the duality and all itís pleasures and sorrows.

            When this journey took you to the bowels of hell, it was within your mind that it was born. When this journey took you to the heights of ecstasy, it was with the light that you were propelled. There was nothing that came your way that did not represent a part of the promise that you made when you came to this planet.

            Now you are in the process of coming to a time when you will be walking in the singularity again. This is the Oneness of you and the Creator, for that is where this journey leads. This is the train that takes you to your destination, and carves the way through the forest to the light of day in the meadows of flowers and grasses that fuel the love with itís beauty.

            While you are in this final throe of forgetfulness, you are bearing the weight of all the transgressions that ever came the way of the humanity that walks the earth now. Yes, you did walk then, and give the essence of your beingness to every particle of sand, every blade of grass, every tree that stands tall in the forest, every cactus that adorns the deserts, every petal of every flower that ever bloomed in the eyes of a loved one, every drop of water that cleansed the souls of itís burdens. You are the one who came and went, and you are the ones who will go on in the new promise that awaits your bidding.

            Last night you sent a message to the Heavens. This was received and acknowledged by all who gazed upon your glow. When this happened, a gate was opened, and the receivership was recorded in the sands of time and space. This was noted to be the epoch of the time that you are in right now, for it represented that there is an energy of transmutation going on right now that spins a tale of taking back of the ability to create a world that reflects the intent of the souls who create the world.

            Go, my dear ones, and create in that energy. See the very thoughts of your present time come into being, and see that you have the authority in which to make the intent manifest in your lives. This is the very substance of what it is you are dealing with at this time, and it is your picture that you are painting.

            I give you a chance now to see what it is that you have done for the people of the world and for yourself. This is a reflection that you give to yourself when you look in the mirror and see the picture that you love. This is what it is about, my dear ones; to come to the realization that there is only the one you, and that is the one that you take to the store and gather your treasures with. When this happens, you will remember these words, for they are the ones you told me so long ago; or was it a moment ago?

            My dear ones, these are the times when you will see the manifestation of all your dreams. You will go into the world and create your world with intent and knowing of your abilities. The times are a changing, and you are changing them. This is the time to go out and bring the changes that you want to your door. Last night, you opened that door and welcomed the visitors in. You gave them the permission that they have been waiting for, and this was heard and reveled across the universe. Earth is ready for her new record of prosperity, for members of her tribe have called from around the globe and expressed their desire to be free and live in the honesty to go forth in their authority in the lives that they create. This time it will be with the step of the God in each and every one of them. This time it will represent the tools of the ages in motion to bring them to the Divinity that bears well in their lives.

            You are my family; you are the family of Man. You bear a resemblance to the Creator that glows throughout the universe and sends the signal that you remember who you are, and that All is love, and All is light. Take the hand of your neighbor and walk into the sunshine together, for you have opened the door to the light and nevermore shall you walk in the darkness. It is your world, and soon you will see the vision that creates the crystal palaces and the life of peace, joy and love eternal. Lift up Thine eyes and see God! Lift up Thine eyes and see the perfection of yourself in those eyes! For you are coming home, and it is grand!

            And so it is!


Thank you dear Kryon,

Nancy Tate