Morning Wakeup Call Message
December 16, 2003



            Today is a day to while the time away and fix the little things that come your way. It is a time to rejoice that they are little things and don’t mean a whole lot in the grand scheme of things. This is the day when all the vagaries of life are put in a perspective that shouts to the rooftops that all is well with the world, and life is grand in its daily ministrations of love and compassion in the events that represent the divinity of mankind.

            Good morning! I am Diaclosities back for a visit with you, and a sharing of hearts that helps to get through the day. Take the instance of oppression that has been felt by so many; this is a matter of judging the events surrounding the oppression as not to be to the advantage. In some cases this may be looked upon in another way and can be seen as a gift in disguise. For instance, when a person is kept from doing a particular thing, and the ones doing the oppressing are seemingly friends, then one has but to look at the oppression and ask if this is indeed a protection from oneself, therefore changing the energy and rendering it to be an invaluable gift that reaps the reward of a turnaround point in the life of that person, which results in a circumstance of fortune.

            This is taking place in many instances right now in your world. This is the energy in which enemies are rendered neutral, or at best, friends, after all. It is all in the perception, and the underlying current of common perception. This is the triad that reaps the rewards for all of humanity. This is the level at which the rewards of Heaven are seen and understood. When you hear of world events that have profound effect on humanity, then you look back and see the same energy of events in history, and see how in the broader spectrum this energy played itself out to the benefit of mankind.

            This is a large part of this plan that has been implemented on earth these last few millennia. This is the outcome of careful planning and steadfast monitoring along the way. There is nothing in this plan that has not been set into a strategic assemblage of energetic gatherings of intent and purpose. When the energies of this intent play out to the culmination of the plan, then you will all look back and exclaim, “How wonderfully this all played out, for there is so much that would not have come about so splendidly were it not for the misunderstood!”

            My dear friends, this is not to say that there is not mischief taking place right now. This is not to say that the indignation of the masses is inappropriate, not at all. This is to say that the parts of the play are set up perfectly, and the resulting energies are working to complete the scenarios of change, and Heaven is even closer to your awareness than it’s been ever in this plan. When it reaches critical mass, then you will all see the playout before your eyes, and the realm in which I live will be yours and you will join me in the celebration.

            This leads me to another point that I wish to bring to this communication. When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for our leaders to take a seat that assumes the responsibilities of tyrant and usurper of the laws of man, then there is a larger purpose in this measure. This is a grand set up for the forces of light to come into the fray and bring an amount of light to the proceedings that otherwise would not be received and acted upon. This is the magnet that influences the energies of change. This is what is taking place in your world right now. Have you noticed that there is much change taking place not only in the world picture, but on a personal level as well? My dear ones, hold on, for this is a ride that will take you into the final stretch and give you the advantage of riding the waves of energy that bring you to the beaches of ascension and the culmination of all that has come before. These are incredible days of transmutation, and when the ones of the change take their places in line to receive the benefits, there will be no limits, no situations that have effect on the outcome. All will be equal, for it will be in the eyes of the Creator that you are scrutinized, and there is no judgment and no limit.

            So take the initiative, and find the Heaven in all of the events of the world. Take this knowledge into your hearts as you address the events of the day, and know that your leadership unto yourself will make the difference in your world. This is a time when you will find the peace that you so strive for by standing outside of the fray and loving what you see, at the same time as you are participating as your inner voice directs.

            The peace warriors are at the gate, and they are you and they are I; and we are all the same in purpose. Love the journey, and come back home to the trueness that lives in your heart.


Thank you dear Diaclosities,

Nancy Tate