Morning Wakeup Call Message
December 26, 2003



            My dear ones, I AM going to tell you a story of what one happened one starlit night in a little town in North Dakota. This was a time there for a renewing of the faith that had kept that town together for so many years. What had happened in that town was a catastrophe so profound, so terrible that every citizen in the town was affected adversely. What could it have been that would affect so many in such a short time, overnight, as it were?

            Before I finish my story, I will identify myself; I AM the count de la Monte Christo, and I have come from a very far away place to tell you of this story. The place where I reside is located in the galaxy that you refer to as the Milky Way Galaxy, yes the very one where your system resides. Yet, I am on the periphery of the outermost section of this galaxy. I have been here for a time of your earth years of seventeen hundred years. How can that be? Well, my friends, the one whom you now as the Count of your history, was an image of me in representation of the promise I made to a circular existence made within the span of time that I chose for this particular coming. There is so much that you will be discovering anew, and so much that you will find has come to pass since you came to earth for this experience.

            Now I shall continue with my story. This town, that I will refer to as Bedford, North Dakota, was a town of about three hundred, give or take a wayward teenager or two, who decided to escape the small town “dementia” and seek their fortune in the world. Within this town there was a postmaster, a grocer, and constable, and a banker. These stalwart citizens wore many caps during the stretch of their authority in Bedford. The banker was also the overseer of the town’s finances. The grocer gave orders to the farmers and headed the school lunch programs and food for the elderly (there stood on the outskirts of town a rooming house that had become a home for the seven elderly people who had no family to care for them). The postmaster also served the town in the library, and in the field of education. The constable was also the mayor and the overseer of justice in his own way. These people all came together once a week, and compared notes and collaborated in order to keep on top of all that was necessary to keep their town running efficiently.

            One day one of those runaway teenagers came back home to bring his newfound expertise from the outside world into his hometown. He had been away for sixteen years, and now he was wise enough to come back and tell the people of the town how they were being misled by these four men, who had taken their authority to heights that gave them power over the people. This returning caused quite a stir, as you would imagine. This was the outpouring of all the resentments that had been building over the years. The folks listened to the young man and found that they were becoming increasingly agitated with what they were beginning to hear and see as a result of this return. They realized that they had been being swindled out of their meager savings, when they saw that there were two sets of books in the bank. They saw that there was padding being done on their food, and that what their children were learning was not what they had learned. They didn’t like what they saw and heard, and the more they dug, the less they liked. Finally, they held a meeting and all of the town’s three hundred came to the meeting, except the four who were to be the guests of honor.

            Now why do you suppose they were so obviously absent, when they could meet with these people, and explain the upsets that were taking place? Could it be that the young man was right, and what the people had been finding was the result of their being hoodwinked all these years? It would seem so, for where were they, now that their shenanigans were revealed? Of course, they must be hiding, or maybe they’d left town.

            So they appointed a council to go looking for these men, and to bring them before the townspeople that very night. This council was gone but a mere thirty minutes and came back with the men in shackles. The mistress of the town, the one who owned the rooming house, demanded that they sit in front of them all and answer to the charges. The men had no choice for they were bound and could not escape. They hung their heads when the people started throwing their accusations toward them. The mistress bade them to silence, and to show some respect for these men who had for so many years kept this town going. She demanded that they be made to answer for what they had been found to have done in the course of this service to the town, and to admit the distance they had taken between the time they started, and now.

            So the men in turn spoke of their actions. They told their citizens that they had found opportunity to give the town a better time, and to make money with their funds that would sustain them in the years to come. This was when the whole thing went sour. They admitted that their greed had taken over, and the results were that they started to loose the citizen’s money. So they had no recourse but to take more, and hope for good results and better luck. As you can see, this too didn’t work well for them, for they were still using the same tactics that had not fared well before. Their vision was clouded by their misuse and their desperation to make it right. Then there was the greed and the idea that they knew more about making a fortune than the ones who stood in line for the benefits. They knew that they had erred, but they did not want to face the truth, and the people of the town.

            My friends, what happened next is the reason I come to you with this story. When the townspeople heard their leaders words, they fell to their knees in front of these men, and asked for their forgiveness. Yes, they asked the men for their forgiveness, for they thought that they had done them a great disservice. They had allowed them to take on the responsibility of running the town, when indeed it was up to each and every one of them to do their part in keeping the town a collective experience. They took these men and gave them coffee. They talked with them, and devised a plan where by they could all work together and bring the abundance back to their lives, and the richness of the citizenry back to the experience of small town life. They collected all the sums of money that was left, and they devised a plan whereby these meager monies could not only serve to take care of the people, but earn them more as well. They knew that if they ever again put the running of their lives into another’s hands that the same temptations could befall that one, and they would give that authority over to him.

            None of them gave up their independence to make decisions for themselves. None of them asked for more than was rightly his. All came together on a regular basis, and assisted each other to the betterment of their community. This was a plan that benefited them so well, that they never to this day have experienced any crime, or any misuse of funds. Each person is allowed to run their lives as they see fit, and they all choose to co-operate and blend their energies of life with the whole. They all worship as they choose, and they all have a healthy respect for another’s way to look at life. There is great diversity there, and less teens are leaving town, except for one or two, who then come back to add their outside experience to the town.

This town is known throughout the galaxy as the model town for life on earth, for it was set up for the people to be an example, and set an energy for the culmination of life on earth in the New Golden Age. This was done with the intent and co-operation of all the ones who comprised the citizenry of Bedford, North Dakota. This town is about to be manifested in the 3D world, and it will set a precedent for all of the people in the world to see how working together for the good of all can be a wonderfully desirous way to live in this new age that is upon you. Yes, this town was inspired and coalesced in the thoughts of a 3D town, and now they are bringing it into manifestation. Soon, in a matter of moments you will be able to visit this town, and you who have passed through it before, will feel the difference. It will be as if there was never a problem between the people, but for the story that will be in everyone’s heart and whispered in many bedtime stories at this time of the year. This is the celebration for this town of a gift they give to each other, a gift that keeps on giving long after the memory is but a tale that is told about the days of old when there was a lesson to be learned, and the people rallied to the learning with a golden touch and hearts full of love.

            This can be Your Town; Anywhere, Earth; Milky Way Galaxy; Nebadon. Blessed be to God the Creator, and All the Children of the Universe.


Thank you dear Count de le Christo,

Nancy Tate