Morning Wakeup Call Message
December 11, 2003



Good morning my dear friends. I would like to welcome you to the 3D experience in full color and going into the 5th and beyond. There is nothing to fear here because love is here, and love smoothes out all the ruffles of the 3D experience. I am Baldor, and I come to you with a story that took place on Orloff many moons ago.

            Once on Orloff there lived an elf, as you call them here on earth. We called them angowines, for they were able to dart in and out of reality as one darts in and out of the fields and meadows on earth. This takes place with a joy of flight that brings distance and time into nothingness.

            This angowines was known as Aghile, for he was unusually fleet of foot, and his travels took him but the blink of an eye. He would dart in and out, here and there as a speck of dust on the wind. He went many places and saw many things, all that he could see and experience was a dream to him, for he didn’t take the experience in, but rather, felt the experience, which added to his lovingness and joy.

            One day he came across a bit of fluff lying alongside the road. It looked as if it was a bit of a cloud floated down from its perch in the sky. He poked gently at it with his toe, for he didn’t want to startle it. The bit of fluff just lay there, not disturbed, for it knew not the impact of the poke. Aghile poked again, for he was curious as to what this was doing laying here so inconspicuous. I didn’t tell you that he was very curious, this one, and this oft times brought a bit of trouble to his life. I think this was a maneuver to bring some excitement into his life, a challenge, as it were.

            Well, with the second poke, the fluff moved a bit, and became a different looking bit. It was no longer the interesting shape that had presented itself to Aghile, but another shape, that though interesting in its own, made him quite lonely for the first. This caused him a bit of consternation, for he wanted the other one back. So he poked again, trying to duplicate the first poke. To no avail, there resulted another shape quite unlike the others.

            What was he to do? Now he had completely obliterated the original, and he could never get it back. What was he to do, and how was he going to proceed from this point? He knew not what to do next, so he sat down beside the fluff, and started talking to it. The fluff just lay there, and didn’t interrupt Aghile, even when he paused to receive a reply. There was this moment of silence, in which finally the fluff moved a bit, without Aghile even touching him. Did that bit of cloud move because I wanted it to, or did it move in response to my conversation?

            The fluff took a bit of itself and danced toward his hand. This was unexpected, for till then there had been no response that reflected a relativity between the fluff and Aghile. The fluff then gave in to its seeming desire to be in conversation, and drifted onto Aghile with a touch that was barely discernable.

            Oh my, Aghile said aloud. You aren’t a bit of cloud at all! You have a feel of warmth and tenderness that a cloud would not have. You must be something that can think and feel and relate. Afterall, you moved onto me after my touch. You must be someone that has something to say to me.

            So he listened very closely for any message the fluff might have for him. He closed his eyes and brought the picture of the fluff into his inner vision. He saw a beautiful bit of fluff with a glow that transcended the colors of the planet on which they sat. He had seen the colors of the planet, and they though beautiful and grand indeed, were no match for this bit of fluff in its Holiness.

            Then he heard a message that was being transmitted to his heart. The fluff was speaking, and the words were as a warm liquid easing into his heart and soothing his soul. “I am here for you to find another part of yourself. This is the time for you to know yourself as you’ve never known who you are, for it is time for you to take on another part in this play of energy on this planet. I come to you this way to show you how you can relate to anything as yourself, and to know that there is really no difference. It is a time now for the transference of energies from one to the other; and I am taking a lesson from you to return to you with my stamp on it so that you may learn from me as I have learned from you. You are the essence of me, as I am of you. Only a change in molecules makes us appear different. This is a choice that we make, and it is a wonderful lesson that we bring each other. When we are through with this experience we will take it with us into the next one and our lessons will be ever so much brighter and carry so much more of a beauty as to make this life a never-ending parade of lessons that take us back to the essence of where we began.”

            Aghile by this time had tears streaming down his cheeks, and he loved this bit of fluff for the gift it brought him. He sat with this fluff in his lap for hours and knew that there was a Holy exchange taking place that no words could convey. When the time came for the clouds to drop a bit of rain on the ground, Aghile sat up and stood against the tree he had leaned against. The fluff stayed there with him till Aghile gently took it in his fingers and held it in his outstretched palm. He whispered to the fluff, “Now you may make another choice, to stay with me and out of the rain, or I will release you onto the ground or in this tree so that you may go on to the next experience. Perhaps you will find a great gift in the raindrops as they relate to you. It could be a real adventure to see what happens when you mix with the drops and then wait for the warmth of the sun to transform and mutate. I am giving you the chance to be free and make that choice, for I see that though I am bigger than you, you are as big as I am in your ability to make your choices and be what you intend to be. Even if I choose to keep you with me, you can still make a choice to be what you will be within that choice that I make. So I understand that even when we seem to be imprisoned we still have a choice to make. That is our sovereignty in action. It is all in the perception of the mind, is it not?!”

            The bit of fluff liked the feel of the rain on his countenance, so he stretched himself to his fullest capacity and let the breeze lift him off Aghile’s palm. He lifted and swayed in the teasing of the breeze, and with a fond, “Farewell, my friend, I shall never forget you!” he flew off to the great outdoors of life and on to another experience in which he raced against the raindrops and sailed as far as he could until the weight of the water took him down to a whole new land and a whole new adventure.

            Aghile knew that he had met a true friend and family member that day. He knew that he would have a brand new story to tell the other angowines when he returned to his home that evening. As he strolled along through the rain, he noticed the way the drops landed and what they did when they touched his skin, his clothes, his hair. He knew this day was the beginning of a whole new way of relating for him, and he knew he would be able to carry this gift home to his family and that life would be forever richer because of this bit of fluff.

            When you go out into the world this day, and you see a bit of fluff on the side of the road, or on someone’s coat, know that this is an opportunity for you to see the world in a different way. You will grow from the experience, and you will love the world just a little more because of it.

            I leave you now and wish you a joyful, innocent day of days. Go out and be as a child again for that is the secret to eternal youth and eternal life. I love you all!


Thank you dear brother Baldor, I love you too!

Nancy Tate