Morning Wakeup Call Message
December 30, 2003



            Sometimes when I get up in the morning I do so with a frown. Sometimes when I awake in the morning I do so with a smile. This is the way it is in the world of 3D. This is the way it translates when you know you have a day ahead that will reflect the way you awaken. Now I tell you my friends, that this is to change very soon. When I awaken it will be with a tiny tear of love and joy that will reflect the love and joy that I feel in my heart, and the smile on my face will light up the tear and show the rainbow that lights the way for everyone.

            Good morning, I am Avenda, and I come to you this day to make an announcement. This announcement is that this one who hosts me is taking a hiatus from these Wake up Calls and she will be doing a service for the people of the world with a project that she has undertaken. This project is one that she has been preparing for all of her life, and it is now in the throes of being born with the equal partnering of a beautiful member of family, and with the assistance of several other members of the family of man.

            With this work that she is involving herself in she will be spreading a truth of man far and wide, and within herself there will be an awakening that will reflect the awakening that she will give service to through this project. There may be times when she will be able to bring you these Wake up Calls, however they will not be a regular occurrence, as is now the case. This is of necessity in order for this work to be given top priority. She will keep the list intact, and ask that you understand this new move and change.

            In the events of man there are times when change is essential in order for the changes to be expressed in a way that is given the purity of expression. This is one of those times. She thanks you all for this opportunity to serve you in this wonderfully glorious and sharing way. Soon, in a matter of less than a year, you will be seeing the results of this work that she goes into now. Her site will continue to operate and provide a place for the present activity to take place and to blossom, for she is providing this area for the expression of those who are involved with it at present, if they choose to continue.

            We thank you all for your gift of sharing through these months of dedication to the appreciation of these wake up Calls, and there will be the occasional one now and then. Till then, her heart is with you all, and the lamb is put out on the stoop to watch for the family to come home. We love you all, and we will see you in the stars and in the guiding light of the Divine.


Thank you dear Avenda,

Nancy Tate