August 20, 2008                





When you wake up from a dream, and you know it is a vital one, yet you donít remember what it was about, fear not, for your soul remembers and it will guide you in the living of that dream. Many times that is the way it is designed, for to remember the details can send you off in a direction to follow that can send you off course, according to your earthly interpretation of the dream. Know that all is in order and that you are following your soul design at all times. There are no errors.


I am Sananda, this day, and I come to let you in on a little known secret of my early years as Jesus. I carried with me a great deal of earth karma when I came into that body, for I had served in many lifetimes as a representative of the disharmonic presence of a matter being. I had on a soul level volunteered to experience that kind of energy in order to maintain the presence that I carried as Jesus, and to eventually show that which I taught to be actual and for real.


As I ascended from the cross, I did so in a manner that carried that inner knowledge of what I had agreed to when I came into that body. I did indeed survive the crucifixion, and I did go on to live many lives in the tradition of the masters. As I did this, I spread my ministry far and wide, and in so doing I came to the assistance of many people and allowed them their interpretation of that which I brought to them.


One of the ways in which I assisted people to be aware of their power was to teach them of the gift of their dreamtime. I told them of the tool that their dreams were and how to interpret them as they pertain to their present time of life. When one dreams, one is putting into place the design by which one can lead their life in the most exemplary way for the benefit of all those they encounter, themselves firstly.


When you arise in the morning and go about your day, you do so with the inspiration of the realm from which you immediately came. When you awaken with a feeling of fear-based energy, you have most probably been processing your current issues of discomfort. You have devised a way by which you can follow the events of the day and work through those issues.


On the other hand, when you awaken refreshed and ready for a wonderful day, feeling joyous and at peace, you have succeeded in resolving an issue that you addressed while in your dreamtime. That is indeed reason for celebration.


While we are on the subject of celebration, I will speak for a moment of the world affairs and how they stand right now in the energy of ascension. We have found that the level of vibration for Gaia and all life on her body is elevated to the point where there is very little fear-based energy in the depths of her body. This has been expunged to the point where it is at its peak of resolution, and soon there will be a gradual easing to the paradise of earth that you aspire to.


First, you will see a stepping up of the present energies, where at a certain point it will tip the scales and all of the negative energy that is rising to the surface, will rile over and begin to fall away into the depths of nothingness. It will have been seen for what it is, and there will no longer be the level of attention given it as it descends into the void that transforms and forgives all that it is not.


This is when you will be reminded of all the times in earthís history that the heights of chaos has been reached, and the boiling over will begin the fall into the resolution of that which has been building for the period of time that it has taken to relieve the pressure. That is the natural way of the rise and fall of the energies of existence. It is the breathing out and breathing in of the universe. It is the ebb and flow of the ocean tides. It is the waning and waxing of the moon. It is the flow of the life that exists here on earth and throughout the entire universe. It is you, with every breath you take.


Go now into your day and play out the dreams of your sleeptime. Give thanks for all the gifts you give to yourself and know that even as you give, so too does everyone else, no matter how it looks on the outside. Pause for a moment when you see or hear something about what is taking place on earth, and give thanks that you are that much closer to the coming of paradise on earth. You are loved so well and so completely; always remember that truth.


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate