August 26, 2008                





Nancy: Todayís message was inspired as I was answering an email from a dear friend. As I was replying I recognized the familiar energy of going beyond myself to bring the answer. I realized that this was why I had earlier thought of doing a Wake up Call today. Here is the question and what came in response.

Q: I have a question for you. Hopefully you can help me to better understand how this works.

Holding the thoughts and feelings and truth of living in abundance, seeing it feeling it, knowing it, accepting it, embracing it. You work to constantly hold only that which you want to manifest in your reality and nothing else exists. You see absolutely nothing else. You look in your cabinets and see them full, you open your fridge and see it full, you look at your bank account and see it full.

The questions is:

How can you constantly hold this when you are speaking to someone and they say do you have money or food and what do you say? Do you say no if in fact that is the illusion or do you say I have abundance of then even though your bills are piling up and there is no food in the fridge. How can you stay positive and knowing but yet deal with the present situation of seeming lack? I am trying to figure out how to address this situation where it will not sabotage my positive thinking and holding on to only abundance. Any suggestions?


Nancy: The first thing that comes to mind is that we not lie to ourselves. When you look into the cupboard and see nothing, or almost nothing, don't lie and say my cupboard is full. Say, I am so grateful that I am being gifted with lots of food to put in my cupboard and to have to eat. Smile, and know it to be. It's amazing how a smile can open up a glad heart.

Some would say, "But if you say it is coming, then that is what it will always be, coming." In fact, I've said that. However, I've noticed in my life that if I say what I don't see is so, then I immediately have the sense of lying to myself. So I realized that by making myself feel good about what I have received I receive in a much speedier fashion.

Also, I think it is important to recognize and honor any feelings you might have of lack, sorrow, frustration, for you are human, becoming anti-matter. When you honor your feelings and then go on from there to change those feelings, you allow a part of yourself to be as it is for the moment. Then tell yourself that it is okay to feel that way in the moment, and that the next moment you can look around at the treasures you do have and feel good about them.

Feeling good is vital in our ability for manifestation. When we are always saying that we have all the abundance that we want, and yet the cupboard is bare, after a while we begin to inwardly resent having to constantly tell ourselves something that we see isn't true. We are smarter than that. We have eyes and a body to recognize what we have created in our illusion world.

We can look around and see what we have created that we like, and go on in those feelings in gratitude, knowing that we are abundant in what we have given to ourselves in the present time. We can also look around and see what we have manifested that we donít like, and recognize there was a reason for that as well, and it is to show us something that we needed to see.

From that warm bed of cozies, we can go ahead and have our dreams of that which we desire in our lives and build the momentum for it to come. We can do that in the full knowledge that our soul has given us direction and is preparing us for the ideal ways in which to receive that which we order for our lives.

We hear and read that we are able to create anything that we desire in our lives, for we are that powerful. That is true, in one sense of the word. We are able, yet we still have not, in most cases, gained full entrance into our soul mind. We are more in tuned than we were even 20 years ago, or ten, or one hour ago. However, there are still some mysteries, some realizations that we do not have access to at this time. These things are what determines what comes into our lives and when. It also determines that nature of that which we manifest, for it is usually 'far beyond our wildest dreams'. Is that not so?

I've gone through the various stages of growth, just as you have, and I have learned one thing; I am very grateful for the patience I have gifted myself with all of my life. It has bade me well most times when I would have thrown up my hands and said, "Don't try to fool me, Spirit, it is not coming; you lie." See how frustrated it is to feel as you are being lied to? Don't lie to yourself, for in that bed nothing grows. Fertilize the bed with truth, love, gratitude, joy and patience, and you will reap the wonders that you desire. And you will do it in the time of whatever the particular blossom requires in order to fully open to your receivership.

We are indeed bringers of the dawn! The dawn of new tomorrows comes on the breath of yesterday. When our memories remind us of that which we chose to create, we set it in motion, and our higher self steps in and sets it in motion, not only by seeing the whole picture, but by then giving us the guidance to reap the rewards. Sometimes it takes us out of our comfort zones in order to realize what comes from our bidding.

It isn't always a result of the illusory moment. It is always from the combination of that which our soul knows we are in design with, and that which inspires us to a desire. There is always a floor plan, and we very seldom see the whole picture until after the fact. Then we may see what the underlying soul purpose was in our desire for something in the first place.

So, you say, "Why would my soul choose for me to go hungry?" I ask you, are you falling down sick because you have not eaten? Are you living on the street? If you were, as many are, would it be that bad? If you had the answers, would you be asking the questions, or would you know why it is as it is, and then find that the need for it to be withheld is no longer a mystery?

I don't have all the answers, either. I do have the ones I have been given in this writing. My life is an example of how it works when I am following my inner guidance, and when I'm not. I find myself at times wondering why I do not have the abundance that I desire in the moment, and immediately I know that it is going according to my soul design. I honor what I'm feeling and then I find something to think of, something to do, or a change of feelings that brings me back to that feeling of joy that brings me up and makes me giggle and want to dance. I reach out and give Toshiro a hug, knowing I am blessed with his love.

I trust in the universe, which is me, you, all of us, through and through. I know that one day I will awaken and know fully who I am and will look around and see the incredible abundance that I have manifested, and be glad that I am living in the promise I brought to myself. I also know that my surroundings won't even have to change in order for me to see that realization. It comes from that inner knowledge and contentment with oneself, that acceptance that I have created my life in perfect harmony with my soul purpose. I feel that the more I know of my soul purpose, the more I don't have to know, for it is a part of me.

We wish we had all the information for life. We want to be able to see how to go about manifesting that which we desire. We are so close, yet seem to be so far from that reality. That is why we feel so keenly the frustration sometimes of not having in our lives that which we want in the moment. After all, that is where we came from. There was a time when it wasn't an issue with us, for it was who we were.

We feel that ability coming back to life; the juices are stirring, and part of our frustration is that on a soul level we know that we can do it. All the more reason to relax and know that from the place of calm comes the light of knowledge. From the place of joy comes the seed of life. From the place of peace comes the fire of truth. Know that and be glad.


 Nancy Tate