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My dear ones, it is wonderful to be back in this energy. You are the bringers of the new dawn of this galaxy, and as you continue to prepare for your grand awakening, you do so with the aplomb of a zillion stars alight with the glow from within.


I am Hatonn here once again, and I wish to tell you that this one’s energy is free and flowing once again. This is a time for all of you when great distances are coming into the influence of your ascension, for as I speak of distance it is not of the earthly interpretation, but of the ideas of what that means in a realm that has no limit.


What that means is that even as you go to the lengths you do, you are standing still in the moment of intent that steers you into the next. You are finding that in order to make a change in your life, sometimes you have to travel a distance in order to find where you truly resonate. At the same time your body is putting that distance between you and what you are leaving, in another reality you have merely changed your perspective of where you are, rather than your earthly distance.


Does this give you the idea that you may not have to have made the travel to another location, or does it confirm that which you have chosen? There is one way to look at this, and it is to know that as you traverse this planet your outside influences have effect on what you perceive, therefore as long as you are on this planet, you are taking part in its energy. This comes as a given for you, and it also comes as the way in which many of you lead your lives, according to what at first inspires you to any change.


Taking into consideration how you feel, would you say that it is the feeling about your surroundings that come first, or is it the other way around? I make this point, for I see some of you are making changes in your life based on impulse and the desire to not be in a location that is supporting the disharmony that you are experiencing. This may be in your best interest, and yet it may be a desire to deny what is really at the core of what you are experiencing.


Look for a moment at what inspired you to relocate. Was it the surroundings, or was it something within you that said, I am not resonating with something that affects me within. Is it something that no matter where you are, it will be an issue? Will it still be with you wherever you happen to set down and begin a new life? Once the ‘honeymoon; is over will the old feelings of disharmony creep up and disturb your peace once more?


This is a consideration that I encourage you all to make. When the dust has cleared you may find that you are still in the same field of energy that you have left, or thought you did. It is then for you to see if what you have done is part of what you are to do within. Can you have done it without moving, or is the move part of the change you are making within?


I also recognize that for those of you who have left a place that did not support you, to go to a place that feels like home and provides a setting that supports you and what you desire from life, then I applaud your choice and encourage you to go on and create that life in the harmonic energy that you have arrived in.


Many of you are in this transitory stage of your life, and when you feel that urging to make a change, I see that you go to the lengths necessary to decide what is most appropriate for you. This is the most vital part of this flux energy; that you do what inspires, and then live each moment in the truth that is available in every moment.


Some of you have made changes that you have been inspired from all sides to make. Now you are finding the way to be difficult and full of challenges that were not indicated when you considered the changes. This is because in making the choices you stirred up the mud, so to speak. So brought the old issues up from the bottom of the pot, and it is taking some time to digest and pass on those old issues. You are finding that uncertainty is creeping in and disturbing your peace of mind. The challenge is to just get through every day without hitting rock bottom.


I offer this to you dear ones: It is a cold day in others places of the mind when a major change in your development does not bring about an upheaval. Look what is taking place on earth right now. In the societal changes and issues there is a great deal of change taking place and this causes much discontent all over the globe.


We assure you that at some point this will turn around and you will all see that this was part of the energy that is experienced with any great change. In order for great things to begin to surface in life, a revelatory action has to take place to deliver a solid message that the changes are here. It is a wake up call designed to jump you out of your sleep and into the forward movement of a new day in paradise. Paradise does not just happen while you are asleep. It is when you awaken and remember what your dreams told you that you begin to pay attention, and walk in that knowledge that the world is yours and it is up to you to mold it and shape it, create it in the way that feels best for you. Since we are all One, then as everyone wakes up we walk in harmony creating a world that is in resonance with all of us.


Can you do that for yourself? You are the most important person in your life. You can do it, and you can gain inspiration from within, knowing that as the stirring of the pot stops, for there is nothing left in the pot that does not resonate, you will find that in that pot under the residue that sits on top, there is a potfull of gold and platinum light ready for you to take into your new being.


Hang in there knowing that at some point you will wake up some morning and the birds will be singing, the sun will be shining and there will be a great inner hush that will tell you that you are Home right here on earth. And I will be right outside your door to welcome you to your new world.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate