Wakeup Call Message
August 02, 2006


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Hi Everyone,


Mother Nature stroke a blow to the wireless tower that brought us the connection to the Internet during one of the thunderstorms that brought blessed rain to this dry area of northern NM. Because of this we weren’t able to do our Internet work for the past 36 hours. This morning we’re back on line, and happy to be able to communicate with you once more.





  Voices of Humanity 


Take a moment; sit and relax and breathe deeply. Know that you are loved and that you are protected from all harm. Feel the love that permeates every cell of your body. Know that you are a lightbeing and that when you speak we all listen.


Now speak your truth into the spheres of heaven. Know that your words are heard by all of us. Know that as we hear your words we also see the result of those words. Manifestation is instant and complete. All you need do is to live that manifestation in your world, knowing that you have brought it about completely and without hesitation. You are the creator in your world, and with that truth you come to us and you follow our lead in all that you do. We are the collective of all of you; we are the Voices of Humanity, and we salute you in all that you say and do.


Would you have us tell you that there is nothing better in your world than what you are creating right now? We think not, for many of you are saying, “How can humanity create this chaos that is prevalent in the world right now?” You are wondering why this is being so played out in a way that seems to have no end.


We say that in order to hear the truth of humanity, it helps to stand back and be silent for a time and listen to the echoes that reverberate along the corridors of time and then see how you feel about what its taking place. What is the reality that is being played out, and how can it be any different?


Look at your earth history; look at the reality of what has come before. Is there any similarity to this history, this story of man and the creations that have come before? Why must we always create in war, rather than peace? Why must we always find the battle to be the bearer of the peaceful solutions? This is the question that is on your minds and tongues these days, and you may not realize it but you do have the answer to that question, and it is the same answer that will turn it around for you and deliver the final curtain to the wars on planet earth.


This answer is that there has been a warring energy that has been captured in the 3D energies of earth. When the portals in the Middle East were closed those eons ago, a warring mentality and energy was set up. This came about through the energy of questing, or pushing for the freedom of the portals. When the combative forces arose and spiraled their course throughout humanity they found their way to the portals and upon finding them closed made their way back around in a spiral back to the ones who created them, to be met with the resistance of the opposing forces. When this happens then the resistance has no recourse but to push back in search of an opening of release. War results, for there is no release and the push comes to shove and the battle is on.


Now with the portals opening there is an even greater resistance, for all of the pent up energies of war are all vying for their place in the doorways that the portals are creating. All of those recycled energies of battle are trying to find the release of the open portals, and they all want to find the release at once. This is what is taking place right now. The energies of battle in Lebanon and Israel are vying for release through the portals. They are exploding with the knowledge that the doors are open, and freedom from containment is on the other side of the open doorway.


Visualize how it is when there is a fire in a building and all of the people in that building are suddenly aware of their need to escape. They all rush to the open doors, and if there were not someone at the door to ease the push, there can be tragedy through the interlocking of the bodies all trying to find their freedom at once.


This is what is taking place now in the Middle East. The energies of war all woke up and saw the opening taking place. They all began to clamor for the open door at once, so The Creator had to quell the onslaught and render the energies to be benign for a time for these two opposing forces. If they had been allowed the release at the same time as the Iraq and Afghanistan battles, there would have been a blockage so profound as to have caused a backward thrust so immense and overwhelming that there would have come a resulting explosion that would have destroyed the world.


This has not happened dear ones. This was not allowed to happen, and as the fighting goes on there is a gradual release of all of the energies of war on the planet. As the battle wages in Lebanon there is taking place a drawing from other parts of the planet of all of the warring energies. All of the pockets and tributaries of battle energy are being drawn by the magnetics of that portal area for the release into the neutral zone of the portals and beyond.


Remember that all souls are immortal. Remember that these souls who are fighting in the Middle East are ready to make their choices fulfilled and are ready to return to their present families when the fighting is over, or to return to their universal families and then back to earth when the time is appropriate for their return to take their place in the next step of their journey.


As the echoes of the voices of humanity we have come back around to remind you of the choices you have made for this time in the history of planet earth. You have found the way to the open doors and you have heard the voice that says to wait your turn and know that you are safe. This is not an easy task for some of you, for some of you are still asleep to the truth that you speak through your actions every day, every moment.


That is why we ask you to stop for a moment and tune in to your inner voices and hear our whispers that you are on a journey that you have written and that you are right where you chose to be, You are in the arms of the Creator, and you are dearly loved by us forever and ever through this journey that we take on into eternity.


Thank you dear Voices of Humanity,

Love, Nancy Tate