Wakeup Call Message
August 24, 2006


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There will come a day when all of you will look back and be able to put into perspective that which has been taking place on earth and why it has come about as it has. You will have the advantage of being able to see the whole picture and in that you will be as we in that you will be able to understand why all of the acts of darkness have been committed and why they are no longer giving any validity to themselves. This is a paradigm that has been building for centuries and in this time of the dedication to the light there is to come an unfolding of presentations such as you have never seen on earth before.


I Am Sananda, and in this message I will outline some of the presentations for you. First I will address the presence of the political parties on earth and how they will have become a much different package in the very near future. You all will have an active part in creating the new political arena, and in so doing you will find a new word for this venture into self-governance. You will do away with the hierarchy as it is today, for it is born from a need in the duality to assign roles of leadership to the few. In the new world you will all be leaders, thus rendering the old idea of leadership a moot point.


This will come about in a period of the next few years, for on earth there is a slower transition time at this point is the evolution. It could be speedier, and it will at the end of the period of transition be much speedier. It will be as a runaway vehicle going downhill, in that it will gain momentum at the end. The difference is that it will be very much in control of the people, rather than out of control and doomed for disaster.


Next, the way of commerce will be much more open and free of all the encumbrances that govern it now. It will be an exchange between the people that is fair and equitable to the extent that there will be a distribution of the means of exchange that will meet all requirements for providing what it is that is desired and intended. It will come from humanitysí intent to share and freely give to one another in a way that encourages the prosperity of all on the planet. It will be as a truly generous family gives and supports one another so that no one lacks. Yet it will also encourage the growth in potential for always striving for the experience of creation and sharing in that creation.


As well in the human society is the business world. This will also see a huge difference take place. It too will undergo a cleansing such as has not been conceived of before on earth. How often have you heard the term free enterprise? Have you seen it to be something that the words themselves do not represent? Free enterprise means that someone has the freedom in all ways to create an enterprise that suits and inspires them. It is full of promise and the only restriction is the imagination and how far you will stretch it. This will be one of the most widely explored ventures and aspects of human society, and you will see far-reaching goals attained and experienced joyfully and with great merriment.


One other aspect of earth life is education. This too will undergo a great change, and in this change you will see that more than ever students will be teachers and teachers will be students. You will see much more of what you have called field trips, and they will be literally translated. Schools will be conducted in the actual classrooms of life, out in the fields, in the parking lots, in the lakes and streams, in the deserts (which by then will be a whole different Garden of bloom), in the places of worship, in the homes, in any place where life is lived. There will be school buildings that will accommodate the intricacies of learning, and recording of the learning for future generations. There will explorations of information for building on the information and taking it to another level. It will be a co-operative of learning that far surpass the present day.


When all of these aspects of earth life come into being there will be a forward sweeping of joy and inspiration for along with all of this will be the entertainment of all on earth. You will see a great burgeoning of new movies and other forms of entertainment sweep across the globe. Not only will there be wonderful presentations of these creations there will be international festivals such as you have not yet seen on earth. Some of the activities have begun to come forth, yet they are but a first stage of what is to come. There will be a coming together of the cultures in vast tributes to the diversity of the cultures and all will be supported and embraced equally. The richness of all life on earth will be represented in a myriad of ways and you will find that as these ways come forth they will generate new and wonderful representations of still more new inspiration.


My dear fellow earth beings, we are going to see such a richness of creation in these next years as to blow the top off any former ideas of how life is on earth. We will see people working with each other supporting their goals and building a new clean, pure environment and keeping the beauty of the earth intact. This is after they have restored, with our assistance, the immense beauty of earth and her various features that represent all that a planet of this gender can be. For eons you have assigned great validity to the beauty of the feminine and now you will see Gaia spring forth in the wondrous light that she has been created for. All that has come before has been the time of gestation and now she is about to give birth to the perfection that was seeded back in the first thought of the conception of the birth of the New Golden Age.


As for the masculine energy that will be present on earth, there will be a blending of both energies that will bring all to Oneness. That is what will bring all of humanity and earth herself into alignment. There will be total harmony and Oneness, and it will come about because you have answered the call and sent out the call all at once, the call to unity and the call for assistance to that unity, for you know that to achieve unity is to remember and to call for all of life to come forth and be united forevermore and in the completeness of all there is.


The masculinity will be the part of you that will see that all is well and that there will never be anything that can bring us apart. Together with the femininity there will be a bonding of love so profound as to render all bright and shining new with a knowing that all is well at all times. Without both genders in harmony with each other there could not be the Oneness, and this is known by everyone even in this moment.


I go now and leave you to your day, as I go about mine. As I take a moment throughout the day I look upon all of you and I smile. As I see all of you, even the ones in the Middle East, making your supreme sacrifices and going about your work, I see beyond the outer extremities of the actions and I see the inner beauty that is the real part of all that you do. I see the angel inside all of you, and I see that some of you on earth have relegated that angel to a place from which they cannot have any touch with, or so they think. This is to change, for there is a place for each and every one of you in these coming times.


As each one of you plays out the final acts of this play there will be an assigning of Homes for each of you, and there will be no disharmony when the final curtain is called. This has been decreed by you, and this is how it is. You are truly loved, and you very truly love all there is, just wait and see, for you have written the final chapter and it is a book that will not be laid down, but picked up and carried into the next chapters of forever.


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate