Wakeup Call Message
August 22, 2006


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I Am here today to bring you a few words of consolation and of hope for all mankind. Usually I do not use these words for they convey a feeling of desperation in some cases, however my use of them today is in keeping with that which many of you are able to relate to. From that point I wish to take you to a place higher than these words; I wish to assist you to the place where love and strength live, and where you may find your freedom.


I Am Sananda, and I accompany you today on a journey through the fields of strength of purpose, and joy in the result. There is a gap that has been in place between these two ideas, and now we are seeing that gap close more and more until it is at the point of non-existence. No more is there a separation one from the other. There is but one idea and that is complete in itself in that the question and answer are as one thought followed on the next breath by the other finishing thought.


Have you found this to be so in your life? Have you had a question arise and in the next instant say to yourself, or whoever you addressed the query to, never mind, the answer is such and such? This is the spread between the known and unknown coming together in completion and revealing the totality. This is your measurement of how you are coming into the total wide awake awareness of who you are and what your trueness is all about.


Hope has been turned into knowingness. Consolation has been turned into peace of mind and jubilation of what is. There is no room for weakness of mind and Spirit, for you have left that place. You know the degree from which you came, if it should return, is but a whisper of memory of what once is, and is no more with you.


Know this to be true and you know yourself. See this in your everyday life and you see it in the rest of your life. Now here is the utter truth of this scenario…see this in your life now and know it to have been for always. Yes, once you have bridged that gap between knowing that you are the most that you are, then you will have always been that most. You cannot be two opposites at once. Once you have realized who you are, then you must know that you are not any less than that, and that you have never been.


When you first stepped on to the soils or grasses of earth you were for that moment in time all that you are. In that moment you set in place your ability on the earth plane to return to the memory of that first moment of fullness. Now you are closing that circle and on your way back to the full realization of who you are. As the circle becomes one you find that in your days more and more of who you are, and the resulting abilities, consciously show themselves in your life.


In order for these affirmations to come to your consciousness and be lived, they are gently, and sometimes not so gently, pushing the old memories out and away from your existence, your reality. As this happens you experience the totality of what once was in the illusory memory of your life here on earth. As this happens, it does so in feelings and spent emotions being regurgitated and expelled from your being.


This can bring about a great deal of discomfort, or it can bring about an acceptance, therefore an easier time of it, by the realization of what this is. It is not a thing of your present reality, therefore it cannot affect you if you do not give charge to it. It is but memory coming out to be released and provide room for the conscious knowingness of who you are.


As these releasings happen it is wise to tell yourself that it is time to put on some soothing music, or perhaps some music that stirs you to joyfulness. Do something that brings a sense of gladness to your day. This will speed up the process of release. This will stimulate you to a newness of being that gives rise to more of the same. This will enable you to allow for more release, for the result will be of joy and freedom, rather than the endurance of yet another release. The idea is to meet these times of release with more of what is rushing in to replace the old memories.


You are the creator of your life. You are the orchestrater of your coming to the perfect symphony. As you wave your wand of release and bring the symbols crashing into each other the resulting vibration drives you over the edge and into the pool of tranquility and delight. The rest is sublime, and it soothes you into the oneness that you feel in that next instant. Welcome it back, and know that as you do you embrace the Creator. Whisper thank you ever so lovingly, for you know in this moment that you are Home, and it is grand.


So go into this fine day and chase away the shadows with a grin and a song. Know that even as the drops of rain pound upon the windowpane they bring the refreshing and restoring cleansing that sweeps clean all the debris from the life on earth and readies you for the new way of being in freedom, joy, peace and love forevermore. We are, and will remain, right beside you dancing the dance of release and the return to joy for always.


Thank dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate