Wakeup Call Message
August 28, 2006


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  St Germain 


When you all get together in the light of the next day in time, you will see the truth as it marches before and heralds its song of joy and forthrightness. You will sing the song along with it and you will march to the alter of thanksgiving and you will not kneel before the altar but stand tall and in jubilation, for you have come home to yourself and the Godliness of your being. I Am St. Germain, and in this prophetic verse I foretell the coming of the ideals of freedom and justice forever more.


Along came a verse of torture and woe and sang itself unto the land.

There was no more light and joy was all gone and yet there was voice calling and forlorn.

Come unto me and see what I am, come and rejoice in the finding.

For we are now here and neíre will we leave for you have called forth and we listened.

You called for our light and you called for our soul to answer and take us at word.

And now we do come and see you at last as you all truly are and till now we hardly heard

For to whisper was done with the slightest of sureness of breath.


So now we are here and the shouting brought forth the sliver if light that came forth.

With that sliver of light we did come and take heed of the travail in your world.

And as we swept clean the debris in our path, we saw you there with the pan That took it all up and measured its worth by tossing it away in the bin

Of cleansing and purifying that came from within, and gave us over to you.


When all is done and said in this land that has seen so much in the past,

We shall know beyond doubt how it will work

And then we will see the chagrin of all the particles of dust and debris

As they set themselves up for the task

Of redemption and strife in a brand new life of wayward whims and release.


For once they are gone from the face of the earth they go not to the abyss, But into the hands of Godís cleansing Word where no one is lost and forlorn. Only by their own making through closing their souls and hearts to the truth

Of the Way to go and receive the blessings and leave the obstacles to self-forgiveness behind.


So if you see now a smear on the floor and sweep it away with a push,

Youíll know that there is a closing to this whole story of fleas and a bush.

For when the bell tolls and resounds ore the land there will be a hush ore the crown

For we will all stand and declare through the land that love is ensconced with you all.

There shall be a jubilation strong and secure that all is as it shall be

For long into the night and over into the day we shall play and make peace without fright.


It shall be as the day when the orchestra played the star spangled banner and sang

Throughout kingdom come and all will be done for we are the stars and the light.

We come to you now and we declare through our love that ever there be on this earth

The coming of light and the singing of might in the eyes of the Creator and All.


So go now my dears and shed not your tears lest they be for the promise of peace,

For there is coming a day when sorrow will all pass away and the story will ever be told

Of love and goodwill to give you a thrill and serve yourselves up the delight, That tantalizes the soul and gives to the joy of being in love and good cheer. For no more youíll hear of destruction my dears, for all will glow and be bright.


Thank you dear Bard Master St. Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate