Wakeup Call Message
August 15, 2006


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  St. Germain 


I come to you today to speak of a calamitous event that did not occur. How refreshing is that? I speak today of a time in your history when there were two ways to go, and that was the time in which the Archangels were on the spot and ready for the consequences of whatever way the wheels of destiny turned.


I Am St. Germain and with this message I bring a relevancy to the events of the day that may go un-noticed by some, and will most probably be seen by others. I speak of the time of the holocaust and how its ramifications affected the world.


With this time in history there was a coming together of the Jewish heritage and the playing out of a karmic pattern that in those days of the war was in the works to bring into it the higher powers of the world. This time in history was the playing out of the ancient days when there was a mass exodus of a group of peoples from one part of the world to another, hopefully more friendly and free area. This plan was the culmination of many years’ work and planning by the elite of that area. With the great exodus came a different kind of life for those who laid their fate at the feet of the one whom they followed.


With this choice to follow their leader they averted a mass annialation that would have changed the course of history forever. Had they not made their choice, history would have painted a much different picture, and today would be but a faint recollection of a distinct dusting of time as we know it.


Never before and not since, has this taken place on such a mass scale, at least not in so flagrant a way as then. Now there is a different kind of exodus, and this is that of the exodus from the freedom of the heart and mind. Now there is the return to the homeland from which so many have strayed in their time of seeking of a new way to live and an escape from the tyranny of a system that is has given them the haziness of mind from which they now arise.


This is the time in which the coming back of that energy of change is upon us. This is the time in which there can be no turning back, for the light of transmutation is upon us, and it has been called forth by the very ones who in times past put to rest the idea of an inner sanctum within each and everyone of us that guides us in a way that is a direct touch with The Creator, Source of all knowledge and wisdom for our lives.


Now is the time when we take our course from the inspiration guided from within and from the wisdom to know when to walk and when to stand still and honor the ground on which we stand. This is no wishy-washy time in our lives, and in this assuredness we stand our ground and allow the light of The Creator to wash over us and render all of the accumulated baggage to flow away into the light of transmutation to be cleansed of all foreign matter and return to us as pure light and potential for greatness.


With this greatness comes a humility that sends out a transmission of wholeness and compassion for all life and all of creation. There is no way in which we can be anything different from what is promised by our Godness. It is part of who and what we are. When the gong sounds and reverberates throughout the world there will be a resonance so profound as to awaken all of The Children of God and all of creation simultaneously.


As you see and read of what is taking place in the world take heart and know that it reflects the journey of ancient times. Know that as this last vestige of ancient times is played out it comes to the completion of the circle of time, the linear result of the upheaval of love and knowledge of Oneness is coming back to unity, the two ends of the spectrum are making the journey back to themselves to the unitedness of the circle. One end will know the other and time will be complete and unto itself in the moment for the rest of eternity.


As you sit reading these words, take note of how you feel. How does it feel to know that you are a part of this time in your feelings, your responses to what is being portrayed out in the world? Do you feel removed from it, yet strangely, a part of it? That is because it is the echo of what you once lived. It is the resounding of the bells of time that are coming round to make that last sigh of separation. It is time coming unto itself in remembrance of where it has been and from whence it came. It is time to hand up the gauntlet and take up the harp of goodness and mercy for it shall be with you for the rest of your days as a light of truth and love forevermore.


Go ye now into your day and see the perfection with which all that is Holy is being rendered into one moment of truth for you and all of mankind. This is the time of your great awakening and all are involved and all are sanctified unto the Light of truth. Stand in that light of your own accord and in that accord invite others to their light of truth with the love and knowing of the truth of all time. I Am that I Am, and that is truth.


Thank you dear Master St. Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate