Wakeup Call Message
August 29, 2006


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There is a wondrous sound that the water makes when it is lapping upon the shore. It is the sound of the angels as they traipse about delivering their message to the stars and to the universal glory. These angels tell us of their love and devotion to the ones on earth and to the ones who wait around the earth telling of the advances that the humans are making toward their newfound freedom and excitement at being sovereign and onto themselves in the way that they are predestined to live. It has been a long time coming, yet in another sense it has only been a moment.


Where are you now, some of you ask? Where is the song that you were to sing to us at the time of the new coming? What is it that keeps you from our shores and renders us in the midst of this turmoil? It is I Hatonn who comes and delivers their message from the stars. It is I the messenger of Michael and all the others in service to you and your dear earth. I come with the message that it is just around the bend in the road. It is on the next wave that brings the treasures from the seas and from the depths of the waters that bring the healing to the planet.


It is the song of freedom, and the whistle of contentment. It is the cry of the eagle as he soars over all of the country that heralds him. He calls of the freedom that he feels and that he sees on the cloud that sits and beckons his coming. As the cloud rains down upon the earth, the eagle sees that the raining is gold and silver and the promise of clear skies and sunny days is upon the horizon.


I see all of the faces lifted unto the heavens in silent prayer and I hear the wistful pleadings for peace. I hear the silent mourning for the departed dear ones. I tell them that those dear ones are with me. They sing into your hearts and ask that you listen so that you can sing with them, for the coming is upon us and they can see it too.


Come and tell it to the people you know. Tell it to the world of faces that turn in your direction and ask for the answer. It is very simple in itís clarity. It is upon us and it is coming. What is coming you ask? What is it that will free us from this despair?


It is love, unbounded love and strength of purpose in fulfilling the mission that you all came here for, as One in a mission that tells of the coming of the new way of being, the new wave of love that shall sweep across the galaxy and into the reality of infinity. There is no sad song in this reality, for there is only sun and love, and joy and peace forevermore. And it is the garden from which you shall all go forth and reap that which you have created in that garden. It is the threshold to the stars and the wondrous places that have developed since you were here those eons ago, since you traipsed among the stars and the planets and the worlds that now await your return to them and to yourselves.


We are watching and we are visiting you whenever the opportunity demands. We are on patrol and we are monitoring from every corner of the universe and from every corner of your world, this planet earth. We are with you all of the time and we are allowing you your voice in all things worldly. We allow only that which is in your field of promise, for you have written the book and you stand by your convictions and your guidelines, we see to it, for we remember that which you wrote and though you many times remember some of it, we remember all of it, and gently guide you back on course.


It is a time now for forgiveness, a forgiveness of what has come before and an understanding that in that forgiveness you heal yourselves and your fellow man, woman, and child. You heal the plants, the waters, the mineral, all of life on earth, for all is one. There is no separation when it comes to forgiveness. The ancient ones knew this and they did not take the knowledge to the depths of the ocean as they sank to the ocean floor those years ago. The knowledge was preserved and passed down through the eons and now it lives in the hearts, minds and bodies as proof of the power of forgiveness built upon love and humility. It is a wondrous circle that sustains and heals and brings all into alignment once more. They call it ho-oponopono.


We are the ones who have come to this place to do this thing. We are all One, and though some of us are in place high above the surface of your planet, we are with you in every way that we can be. To love and to cherish you, to guide and nourish you, to give you all our love and more that will sustain you through these final days of the shadows that live on your earth today. There is soon to be a great awakening and then the freedom flag will furl and cover the land as a great light and awaken all to the truth of who they are, for with the coming is the revealing of the truth of the ages. It is grand and it is glorious and it rivals anything on earth yet. And from that point will be the heralding of the infinity of creation in action and in love.


I go now and observe the newest part of the quest in action and in promise and I sing the song of the angels to all of you.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate