Wakeup Call Message
August 21, 2006


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Let us consider for a moment the ramifications of doing what it is that we desire totally and freely, without all the trappings of the 3D world. How would it feel to you; would you feel that you deserve the best that you could imagine? Or would you stand in gratitude and joy and walk forth in the knowing that your world is yours and all in it is of your making and that all that is wonderful and fulfilling for you is your creation and your promise of more to come?


I Am Hatonn this day, and in this message I ask and invite you all to come with me on a voyage through time and see how you have manifested exactly that which you see in your world.


Look back to the times of your childhood, for a moment. What were your dreams and how did they manifest in your life? The early childhood was a time of innocence for most children of this generation of adults. When you came into the teenage and young adult you began to ‘grow up’ and see the world through what you considered to be more appropriate eyes, in order to be wise and to be able to live as you wanted.


How did that work for you? Were you really on top of things in your life, or did you follow the crowd, hoping that by fitting in you would be popular and therefore your life would be a success? Did you think that by being one of the crowd, that your life would unfold in a way that suited your fancy. And did it bring to you a modicum of happiness?


Look at your life once you became an adult and raised a family, or created a business that flourished. How did you accomplish that? Was it through hard work and sacrifice? Did you wear your triumph like a beacon or a badge? Did you announce to the world that you were a success because of your noble ways, or because you loved what you did?


Often times the seasoned adults of today look back on their lives and see that they wasted much of it by giving their life to the workforce and not to their families. Is that what they as a child dreamed of? Is this what their idea of the perfect life was?


I bring this up because we are entering into a time when rather than face the Golden Age with these ideas being gone and never able to be lived, we will be able to live them. Yes we will be able to go into the next times with the youthfulness that many of you thought could be the only time in which to build your dreams. We are going to be able to see our dreams come true and to know that time is irrelevant and that we are timelessness in perfection. And that time is Now.


This is the time of no time that the Mayans speak of. This is the time in which there is to come for mankind a beginning of the phase of this existence when our ability will come forth in which we will be able to bend and manipulate time as we once did, before we came to earth. We all know how; the memory for that is still within our remembrance, and that memory is coming forth in bits and pieces as we enter this new energy that is surrounding and enriching our lives.


Nancy has just realized that somewhere along the way in this message she, or Avenda, has taken over in bringing these words to you. Hatonn has blended with her, and in the information vibration communication has come a unitedness of knowing and understanding. This is one of the ways in which time and Oneness is being used these days. You will find that there are times more and more when you will be communicating the very ideas that you have asked for and you will be doing that in a way that makes you stop and listen to yourself and realize that you have surpassed the 3D way of communication and are wholly complete within your own inner wisdom.


This is one of the ways in which you will be able to communicate exactly what it is that you desire in your life. This is how you will know not only what it is that you desire, but you will know that it is as well, in your own best interest, for you will be tuning in to the higher wisdom of your life. This is one of the ways in which you can trust that you are operating from your higher knowledge. Your communication with your higher self is total and complete. You are communicating and acting directly from that source.


This is how you will be living your lives in the knowledge that this idea is surely to your advantage. Follow it and don’t look back. Know that when an idea comes from your true resolve to create your life in perfection, the ideas will match that perfection of that which you intend and desire for your life.


If you falter from time to time, and wonder if this is what is meant to be for you, ask yourself, does the idea feel good, do you feel a longing, is there an excitement about the idea? If your answer is yes to all of those questions, then know that you are in touch with the all-knowing part of you, and go for it, full steam ahead.


I love seeing all of you here and standing in line for your treasures of life. I love seeing you all waking up to the fact that someday you will be having a thought and in the next moment you will be experiencing that which you thought of. It is a promise that you hold for yourself, and if in the holding you change your mind, then let that old thought go and trust the new one. Know that if you choose you will experience the world as a bright jewel of light and you are the essence of the pearl in the oyster.


I depart from this message today, with Avenda and Nancy at one with me in this vibration communication and I remind you that as it goes with us, so too does it go with all of you and whomever you hold a blending vibration with. It is a matter of choice, and as your choose you mold your world into a creation of love and contentment that never ends. Sing your songs in joy, and remember that the chorus never need end. It can go on into infinity, and indeed it does.


Thank you dear Hatonn and Avenda,

Love, Nancy Tate