Wakeup Call Message
August 09, 2006






I give you the chance at this time to take the road to security and freedom. I give you the opportunity to stand in your power and know that you are the operator of your life. I give this to you in the truth that you are the one who makes the decisions in your life. And if that is how it is in your life then who have you to blame but no one? Yes, no one! There is no blame in this life. All is One choice and all is the effect of that united choice. There is only one way that this world can be showing itself and that is in the way it is doing that very thing right now.


I Am Hatonn once more, and I Am here to remind you of how this universe operates. It is far more simple than one might expect at this time especially, for it seems that the way that things are on earth is much too complicated to be run by the light.


Let me say this, I Am in a position where I can see the overview from my vantage point, and I will tell you a bit about that place in which I Am able to see what is taking place on earth. I Am not some ethereally vague being that floats around in the heavens. I Am a humanoid being who resides in the 8th dimension and in this arena I am able to see what is taking place not only in my inner vision, but as well through the living technology of the equipment and instrumentation of our living ‘machines’ on the starship Phoenix.


I am able through the communication with the equipment see anywhere at anytime and as many areas at a time as I choose. I tune in and communicate with these technological apparatus and they communicate to me that which I ask for from them. We are in perfect synchronization because we have been programmed to a united cause, and in that way we are in complete unity of purpose.


As I was saying, this world is a direct result of how humanity on earth is thinking and intending for life to be. This is a time of fluctuation in the matters of earth. It is a time in which there is very little cause for a differing picture of how the energies of transformation are taking place. Due to the nature of the energies that are being cleared out from the beingness of Gaia and mankind there can only be this resulting expression of the events and pictures that are prevalent today.


If this were not taking place there would be a blockage so profound that we would surely see the Armageddon that has been prophesied in various areas. This is not to happen, for you have decreed that, in unison with The Creator. Through this means of cleaning there is a mass clearing of the energies that reflect what you are seeing. This is in purpose so that humanity may be able to see the shadows of what they have created and go from there into the light and create anew their intention for a new life on earth.


This is not a matter that is gone into lightly. Because of the nighttime visits to our ships by all of you throughout the past 20 odd years, we are seeing the outplaying of the inner intent to flood the realms of transmuting energies with the old energies of negativity polarization and play out the end times in a way that speaks of rebirth, rather than death. This is the way of new beginnings for earth, and those who choose earth death as a means by which to play their roles, do so in a most valuable way. In so doing they take much learning with them to the new earth and so do you.


I now give you a question to think of during this day. When it is time for you to go the extra mile and act in a way that speaks of your destiny at this time, what will it be, how will it look and feel? Give your self the courage to step out in that picture and do it. It may be to simply move to another area and be the light you are. It may be to gather with friends of like mind and do energy work that is focused and to the point. It may be to go into battle and surrender to the means by which you leave this earth in cause. It may be to take the hand of a child and lead him/her through these next times in comfort and love. Whatever your choice is, it is perfect and it is yours in the energy of The Creator.


We love and respect you in this journey you take. We support and lend a hand when we can, for that is our mission as family. We see the events on your world as they escalate and take on a new meaning. We rejoice when we see any of you step further into your light. It is a fine time for all of you. You can see that truth when you look inside and ask for an update from your own Godness. Listen when you hear on that inner message machine that all is going according to your plan. Smile and feel the warmth of confirmation when you take your next step into the freedom and happiness that your own choice affords you. There are no wrong choices, for you all live in God and you do what that inner voice prompts in Light and love forevermore.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate