Wakeup Call Message
August 08, 2006






Today a messenger is born. Today the idea of peace and freedom throughout the galaxy has come forth and brought the answer to all of the humanity. This answer is love. It is the birth of a new idea of love, and it is the freedom of the ability to express that love in a whole new way, a way that says, “I Am free to me as never before.”


I Am Hatonn, and today I wish to express my love and celebration to all those whose birthday is on this auspicious day. I say Happy birthday to Bob Towers, and to all of the ones who lend their energies of jubilation and power to make this day one to be reckoned with.


As I say it is a day of reckoning, I too say that that reckoning is geared to uplift and support all of those who give their lives and their love to the freedom of all life to express in the way in which gives the most dedication to being the Godself that Is.


This is no weak thing that I express for to do this one will be announcing to the cosmos that now is the time to stand and be counted for the time is upon us for the change that is immense and transforming as never before. With the Lion’s Gate entering into the times and the lives of all, it takes on a new meaning for the universe and each form of life in the universe.


There is no better time on earth than this moment right now, for in this moment lives the rest of the moments of time. This is the one that transcends all other moments and renders the time and space of this generation to be naught. This is the moment when all of time comes together and speaks to the remaining time that there is no more and that there is all that there is.


This means that as you all go through your days you will find your lives filled with what may appear to be contradictions. This is the reversal of time as it falls in upon itself and gives the bearer of that time the chance to rise and fall as the waves of time slip by them in a crescendo that will heal the soul and bring back the messages of eternal life.


As this happens you may find that there are times when you feel you have lived this moment a dozen times and yet never knew it to be as it is now. This is the contradiction that will ease into your days and send you into a feeling of confusion and clarity both at the same time. When this happens breath into it and allow it to drift through, for in so doing you will find the amusement, or the questioning to be brief and of no consequence in the next moment; merely an idle curiosity.


Follow this curiosity into the nothingness that it produces and know that it is merely the passing through of a whisper of time and it is here to remind you of the times that have brought you to this point. Allow it its voice and give it its freedom to go on and be as it is. This releases your hold on it and allows for the next moment in time to pass your way with its gentle touch and brief encounter that whispers of your love for yourself and goes on infinitly.


Seek ye not the basis of freedom, and know that ye already have it. Speak ye not of the vagaries of time and know that ye have it anytime that you desire. Wallow not in the spacial aspects of matter and know that it matters not where ye are as ye are everywhere at every moment and every blink of the universe. It is Ye and it is We and it is I who is here right now and in this perfect place. Feel the love and know that ye art God, for it is written on the wind and declared in the whispers of the Holy marriage of the vows of the union of All That Is.


And it is so.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate