Wakeup Call Message
August 04, 2006






There is a decided difference today in the energies on planet earth, and in that difference there is an opening for many of you to come to terms with blockages that have till now been bound to the ramifications that would result if the blockages were to clear. Now is the time to offer unto yourselves the opportunity to take a giant leap and propel yourselves into the heavens of your heart and soul. This is not a sojourn that is taken lightly, at least not until it is done, and then there is Light all around and you are riding the waves of love and compassion on into the sunset of your life and the dawning a bright new day.


This one is faced with this opening as she sits at her desk and receives these words. She says to herself, there is something that I have not allowed to come forward and now is the time for the release of that which is on the threshold of her new dawning. I Am Hatonn, and I Am here to usher her over this threshold and beyond, at her bidding.


When the Bush regime takes its dive and sinks beneath the waves of light that are sweeping the country there will be a decided effect on not only the people of the USA, but also on the people of the world. There will come a ballooning of the activities that will bring the truth to the people and to the rest of the universe. You see, we all have seen what is to come, and we have generated a curtain of light that covers all of planet earth. This light shines forth on all of you and encompasses all the truth that is involved with what is to be revealed as the curtain is lifted and the voice of truth comes round to show its face and take it to the top.


This will not be accomplished with timidity, for all ears must hear and all eyes must see what is before them. What is about to happen will push this truth into every corner of the world. There will be no escaping that which is before you, for them to try to hide is to find that there is no hiding place from the truth. We will not allow any harm to come to you in the process, for to do that would be to ignore the signs we have seen and the nuances of what is possible were we not here with you every second.


There is no softer approach that can be used, for to timidly go into this next phase of the release of the darkness is to deny the very existence of that which requires that we plow through with a bulldozer so immense and so powerful as to give everything in itís path its day of reckoning. This day of reckoning is not of harm to the innocent and well meaning. It is not of harm to those who have pure of heart. It is only harmful to those who see the harm, and that comes from finding their world of darkness coming to a sudden close. That is when they find their game is over, and the reality of truth is on the doorstep ready to step in and change their world and their reality. We will not endanger anyone in this. Any danger that comes will be from the resistance of those who have been living in the shadows. Their world is of their own making, as is the same for all of you. When this takes place they will surely create for themselves the results of our move and your part in what is to bring in the light.


Can you imagine a power so intense and so clear that it can come in and render anything in its path as truth, Divine Truth? This truth does not harm; it does not bring chaos to anyone or anything. It only brings truth, and light and love are complete unto that truth. As this great sweep is coming to be, sit in the light and love that is all around you and know that you sit with The Creator and the protection that is inherent within your very essence. Hold compassion and light in your heart and soul for those who have not recognized the light, and know that as the tides are turned there will wash upon the shore of darkness this great new light that sweeps all clean and sparkling new.


I do not say this lightly or with forethought for to do so would be to diminish what is coming and allow it to ease in its immensity. This is what is to take place soon in the government of the USA, and it is that there will come a great rush of the people and this rush will sweep through the portals of the Middle East as a bulldozer and sweep aside any resistance to the truth that is pushing at the door. No one and nothing can stop this push, and when it takes place there will be a release of so much pent up negative energy that once it is released there will be a huge wave of light that will rush in and take the place that has been vacated by the darkness.


This is not an alarmist message. This is a message that takes center stage and captures the attention of all who read these words. This is a stamp on the energies of change that have been called for in the energies that have been produced from the lightworkers around the globe, and from the intent of all of humanity for the truth to come forward and the momentum to take us all the way to the top. The pinnacle is ready for occupation and with its readiness has come a calm surrounding the energies that take it there. With the calm comes cool reason and and ability for the voice of The Creator to be heard and comprehended by more than half of the population on earth. Yes, the number seems far too grand to be true, however we have seen and read the vibration of all of humanity and whether there is a conscious knowledge of the communication and understanding by the people there is an open channel from their soul to The Source.


This is unprecedented in the history of this universe. There is a far greater number of souls ready to step forward in truth than in any other time in the history of this universe. Yes, there have been other civilizations on other planets in this universe that have undergone similar societal change and progressions throughout the history of the universe. Those civilizations have all been in preparation for this time and this undertaking on planet earth. This is the sublime happening and the beginning of the opening for all in this universe to unite and become one in ecstasy, and in eternal moments of bliss.


What it will take is for this final sweeping momentum to close the door on all that has come before and to open the portals in the Middle East that lead all of creation into the new way of living on earth and in the universe simultaneously. We are ready and so is mankind, for they have told us so. We are about to see the circle come together in love and harmony and when that happens you will know that the end of the suffering on planet earth is upon us. You will know that as the dust settles and the casualties are seen to be much fewer than has been feared, there will come a new hush over planet earth and for those moments in time we will see time stand still and we will be with The Creator Source wholly, and be fully who we are.


As that interlude of time standing still is swept through with total light and love cleaning all that is, there will then come a brand new beginning based in love and bolstered by the intent of all life on earth and in the universe to live in total harmony and to heal the world that we live in. We will go about our fatherís business and we will do it in the cradle of our Mother Ďs embrace for we will have found our way back home and we will see what the next step is in the great awakening of the beauty potential of Gaia and our own potential of life in perfection and complete bliss forevermore.


So when the ruckus begins shortly and it seems that mother earth and father sun are zooming in on the planet take a deep breath and know that by the time they are finished there will be a final sweeping away of the darkness from mother earth, and the light of the universe shall shine as never before. We are all one, and that realization will bloom on every cheek for all of eternity.


Go now into your day, putting one foot in front of the other and know that it is grand. Know that you are loved immensely and eternally.


Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate