Wakeup Call Message
August 03, 2006




  Galactic Federation 


Would you have the whole world come to a stand still and fight no more? Would you have the remains of the energies of darkness give way to the light? This is what is to take place upon the completion of the karmic order of the energies that have been inundating the earth for eons.


We are the Galactic Federation and we say yes, my dear ones, there is a great influx of energy that is slipping in and melting the energies of darkness it is as a huge transformer that is bringing the remaining darkness that is the residue of what has been drawn and fed to the battles in the Middle East. As these drawings occur there is left the residue that still clings to the auras of the people who claim their hold on it. They still keep a certain amount of the negativity within them to keep the balance for the coming times.


What this record heat in the East and Midwest of the USA is doing is to disburse the negative energies and burn away the excess that is being released from these people due to the constant drag from the other side of the globe. As this takes place there will be an opening of many more humans to the reality of who they are and why they are here. Yes, there will be a mass awakening of many on the North American continent and as well in the British Isles and Ireland and Scotland.


As this takes place, the energies of transmutation will then flow into the areas of the southwestern tip of Africa and into parts of northern Asia. As this takes place you will feel and see changes come about that will feed the warring in the Middle East. Then there will be a cessation of the intensity of that area and the slowdown of the wars will take place. This will take place over the next few months after the subsiding of the intensity of the present warring.


Believe me, my dear ones, we are taking all of the precautions necessary in preparing certain parts of the globe, including the oceans and the deserts, for this transformation. There is much energy stored in those areas of negativity, and as we come in and restore those areas to their original magnetics, we do so in a process that is gradual enough to not cause a shock, and yet that will bring about a release of the negative ions into the transmuting energies of The Creator.


This must all take place in a gradual manner and in a way that is predestined. There is a procedure and a commitment that is being upheld, for Gaia has her priorities according to the necessary balance of energies to bring herself back to the perfection that will raise her energies to a zero point. At that time all of the work that is taking place with all of life within and on her surface are co-coordinating with her own changes, and this is the balance that is necessary for all of you.


What is also part of the process is to inform all of you who have an ear to hear and an eye to see of these changes. You are a part of it, and to be able to tune in to all that is above and beneath the surface of Gaia is to know that there is a resonance that is taking place with all of the processes that are necessary. All is well, and taking place on schedule, and as we go over these points with you, you are able to tune in and register this information with your own higher selves and with your own consciousness, which is becoming more fine-tuned with every day.


As you read or listen to the various messengers who are bringing you the points of ascension and the progress reports, you are becoming more fine-tuned with your association with the cosmos and your journey at this time on earth. This is the awakening time for so many of you, and as those who are beginning to awaken and are drawn to you, you will know what to do, by the questions that they present to you.


Go now and find your piece of heaven here on earth. Go and know that you are being supported and assisted at every turn of the road. This is a joint effort, and with the love and compassion that you are exhibiting all is flowing with the beauty of quicksilver and the richness of liquid gold. We salute you and we turn you over to yourselves, though we never leave you.


Thank you dear Galactic Federation,

Love, Nancy Tate