Wakeup Call Message
August 31, 2006


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  Creator God 


Give me a moment in time and I will give you a lifetime. Give me a sweet moment of life and Iíll give you volumes of loving wishes for a bright tomorrow. Give me your undivided attention for one second and Iíll give you eternal life, for it is yours and you have rested it in my care. I now give it back to you in safekeeping and speaking throughout all of your life.


I Am Creator God, and I come to you with a word from afar, or as near as your next thought. This word is one that transcends time and speaks of the love that is inherent in all of you. It speaks of the way of the life of love and the newness of that love on earth and in the hearts of all of you.


There is no need for a song of sorrow, for that veil has been lifted. There is only love and light in expression. The rest that seems to be darkness is but the final playout of that which does not reflect the trueness of you. This is the time of the revulsion of the shadows created by the barriers to the realness of who you are.


As I speak through this one she gives me her name, and I write it beside all of yours. This name is the one that glows with the light of your countenance here in eternity. The names you have all chosen to walk in density suits the field of experience that you chose for this time. As you sift through the levels of density and discover that which seems to be about yourselves you see that the shadows have disturbed the very fabric of your being, and now is the time to mend that fabric and see the truth of the weavings.


You are the spinner of the fibers. You are the weaver of the fabric. You design the patterns of your outer clothing and you see how well it fits and feels in your life. This outer covering is but a mantle upon which you give your expression to the threads of life. You carry out the plays and you give your own applause, for you are at the same time one and all of it. You are audience and actor at the same time, as Am I, in you.


Come now and hear these final words of this message, for they tell you of your next steps. This is the time when you will give unto Me all of who you are for you know that this is the time when all is revealed to the masses. There is much to be learned in these next times, by surrendering all that you are to Me and sitting back and observing what is taking place in the outer world that has been woven over the eons and is now coming to a final curtain.


Take yourself to the chair of rest and know that in this time you will be the observer and the bystander, while at the same time you will be caught up in the feelings of release, for this is your grandest moment, the time when all will come into the full light of the truth. Know that we are all with you in this time, and it is more than a final playing out for all on earth. It is a playing out of a part of the destiny of the universe, and this final act is to culminate in the coming together of the ages in the universe. From here we spring forth as one family of beings who have stopped for a moment is this great plan to pay homage to all of you on earth and what you have woven into the fabric and outer clothing that affects all of the universe.


Sleep will come for those who are too weary to pick up the hoe and the shovel. Sleep will restore your ability to see and feel the destiny that awaits you. After the sleep, you will awaken and see what is before you, and you will see yourself reflected back in an image that bespeaks Me. Your time has come and with it comes the opening of another portal to your soul. Rest now in My arms and when you feel refreshed and ready for the final curtain call then step forward in My strength and know that you are God.


I leave you now, in this message only, for I Am with you always. Call on me at any moment for anything, and I Am there for your answer. You know Me as you know anything. Allow My fullness to be who you are and you will create miracles with every breath. Blessings to you all!


Thank you dear Creator God,

Love, Nancy Tate