Wakeup Call Message
August 30, 2006


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As the bright light continues in these next days, you will find a purifying taking place in your souls that is unprecedented in earthís history. Never before has this come at such a speed of light and such a veracity of meaning. Never before in the history of man has there come such a delight in revelation of newness that speaks of coming times and old stuff gone away.


I Am Avenda and with this message I tell you of the coming times when you will find that there are doors opening and others closing in a speed that you have not as yet experienced. So be ready my dear friends, for the opening, for to be ready is to not even hear the door behind you close, you will be so entranced by the new place you are in.


Imagine a happening so profound and so glorifying that you forget all that has come before in that instant of recognition of your destiny being handed to you by your higher self. Imagine what it is like to know that you have come home and that the family is all there, waiting and beaming their welcome. Is it not grand and glorious? Is it not the way it was supposed to be in your wildest dreams, the ones you could not conceive of? Well, imagine again my dear ones and know that it is still beyond your wildest dreams. When you have reached the beyond then and only then will you know that of which I speak.


I Am going to take you on a little journey at this time, and it will only take a moment. Imagine that you have spanned a great bridge of gold and on the other side you are face to face with your true self. Take a moment and extend your hand to enclose that of the one in front of you. I will not even go there to offer how it will feel; it is for you to know, for it will be unique to you, each of you. Your own colors and makeup of energy vibration are unique to you. You wear them well!


Now that you have extended the welcome hand to your true self, take a moment and look around you. Have you seen this area before; does it seem familiar to you? However it appears, it too is of your creation. It is what you choose for your environment. It suits you and it provides for you the arena in which to be totally free and the purity of who you are.


Now go forth from that place into the next few steps. Do you walk with your true self, or do you still choose to experience the separation? This is perfection, in that you have chosen your next steps. Where you go from here is once again your move. It is an expression of the journey that you have chosen, and it is no better or worse than anotherís.


Where do you go from here; how does it feel and look to you? You can still make another choice; you always can. This is your life, and this is your expression. You wear it well. You are the master of your ship, and as you take the helm, look around and take note of who is with you. Is there any resemblance to anyone with whom you have lived in your earth experience? If so, then welcome that person into your new life. If the one you see seems a stranger, then welcome that one as well, for that one is a part of your new journey, just as the familiar one would be.


Now take another step into the freedom of knowing that as you are walking into your new journey you are still at the helm and steering your life into new uncharted territory, and that this time you do not need a map, for it is all to come and it is all of the light. It is all according to the Laws of the Universe more than you have ever allowed, and you allow it now in full awareness of who you are and who your Family is.


This is a grand thing, this new world that you inhabit. This is a world filled with love and light, with new ways of being, with the jubilation of new discoveries in Light and joyfulness. It is a world in which there is no sorrow, only joy, peace and love. It is a world in which you are immersed as much as you choose and it is your creation more than ever in the light of truth. You have surpassed the shadows and nevermore shall allow them into your world. You have crossed the bridge into the freedom of pure expression of the Creator that you are.


Welcome Home, my dear ones, for I am here and I embrace all of you. The candle burns bright as we all stand at the door to welcome you back to yourselves.


Thank you dear Avenda,

Love, Nancy Tate