Wakeup Call Message
August 17, 2006


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When the day comes that we all stand together and welcome the new life into our love, we will know that we have come home to ourselves and to the oneness that is All. There is no other place to go than this Oneness that we bring to this life at this time, for it is who we are.


I Am Avenda this day speaking to you, and in this message I invite you all to look at yourselves in a mirror today. Whom do you see looking back at you? Does the image wear a grin, a look of embarrassment, a frown, a happy countenance? Do you find that feelings rise up and press in your face for answers or release?


Now is a time when many feelings are rising to be looked at and released. Do they not make sense in the place of your life today? That is because they are not from the happenings of today, rather from the memory that begs for release in the triggers of the day. When this happens, allow the release and tell them farewell, and thank you for the lesson.


Nancy is going through just such releases, as are many of you. This is a time for friends to be there for one another. Have you noticed how while some struggle with unexplainable anguish, others close by are strong and offer a shoulder or kind supportive word? This is family assisting family to the release of old stuff, and the freedom to walk forth in the clarity with which they will pave the new way to a bright tomorrow.


Realize as well, that there may be times when you are lead to actions that do not seem to be to your liking, or in your best interest. You may feel a resistance to that which is in your face. Know that this is a measure you have chosen, to be able to face the triggers that bring about the release. Those of you who have chosen service to humanity in the coming times have chosen this road in order to know where the others are coming from, and to be of immense help to those who ask for guidance.


Know also that along with these triggers come the ones who are behind you 100% to assist you to the release. Remember, you will never be given more than what you can handle. You know best what it is that will benefit you the most. And oh the benefits that come with such a package! You have not known the best of the best in this experience of earth. It is yet to come.


I found that when Nancy goes into one of her periods of release, she allows the feelings to overcome her sensibilities and compromises the mind. She has planned it this way, for her mind has given her much sanctuary in this lifetime. She has reasoned away any doubts that may have sprung up along the way, and that is not all bad. It served her to do what she came here to do in the first stages of her life.


However, when she entered into this phase of her life, where she left all that behind, she had to let go of the mind games and allow more of the unexplainable to take part in her life. She had to let the unknown be known and to see that there is so much to see in her life that has no form and no matter substance. She also saw that there is no safely in planning years ahead, for with the changing times, that only brings about confusion and roadways that lead to brick walls and unfinished pathways.


Now the roads have many tributaries, and in taking the detours one finds that they can lead to great chasms, or to stops in the road where the signs say go back from whence you came and begin again. When this happens, you know that you are revisiting the past and making it different; you are healing that which your brought with you in patternings of old, and rendering it a whole new design.


This is the way the new life happens, and as you go along this new roadway, you look around at the scenery with new eyes, and you open up to a whole new wonderland of experience, one that holds much delight and anticipation of new journeys and loads of loving experiences. This is the way it goes, my dear friends, and as you take this journey through the labyrinth of life in these last stages of the remnants of the old life, you are being supported every step of the way. You may feel that you falter, and may trip and fall, however we are there to hold you and support you so that you do not fall.


We once had great strength from you on our journey so long, long ago, for you are one of us, and you volunteered to go on this journey through the realm of amnesia. You have walked with us and supported us at times as we, as One family, grew in our light and expressed in our vision of what it is to be God. Now we are here for you, and we bring to you the energy of who you are to bolster you along in this wonderful journey that you take back to yourselves and to us.


We love and cherish each and every one of you. We bring you bouquets of flowers and choruses of angel song. We bring you bright blue skies and dappled clouds of white. We bring you lovely streams of color adorning the skies at sunset, and glorying rainbows of early morn beckoning you to another day. This is the first day of the rest of your life! Arise and welcome yourself back to the love and Light that you are. We love and salute you, in peace and harmony forever.


Thank you dear sweet Avenda,

Love, Nancy Tate