Wakeup Call Message
August 22, 2005





My dear ones, I AM Sananda, and I come to you this day to tell you of a prophecy that was made millennia ago, and is being fulfilled as we speak. This prophecy is one that speaks of the changes that are taking place and of the outcome of the changes.


In the first century BC, there was a king who ruled over all of the Middle East. This king was one who ruled with an iron fist, yet he had a heart of gold. As I sit here and tell you this that King is sitting here beside me ready to tell all of you what he did then and what he is about to do now.


This king was the one who sent forth the prophecy that I AM about to convey to you. This prophecy is as follows. It is said that there will be a certain section of earth that will undergo the constraints of a ruler that has his eyes in the shadows.


As this ruler is discovered to be of false promise, the Middle East will rear its feet and give a great roar. This great roar will bring the houses of antiquity down. As they crumble many will give their lives for the freedom that will result. When this happens the great ruler will be seen to be nothing but a specter of death. He will be banished to the light of transformation in order to come to his reward, which is to give onto him that which has been begotten by him.


At the end of this time, that ruler shall emerge from the shadows of his redemption, and will be welcomed back to the Godhead to begin another journey through the sands of time.


What the King whom I refer to has to do with this is that he is in the time of his return. He is going to fulfill this promise of bringing to transformation the very idea of uniting the Middle East with its destiny. He is part of that destiny, my dear ones, and in this time he is known as Enki, ruler of Sumeria, which is now known as the Middle East.


As Enki goes into his time period and starts some of the energies in motion that are withstanding the tests of time, he is also bringing into unity that which has been disregarded and set aside for the sake of truth. He is now in the process of bringing into fruition the very essence of his Godself.


That means that as he progresses through this time warp, he will be giving all of his energy to the events as they actually came about while he was living the third dimension experience on earth. He is then going to lift those experiences up into the fifth dimension and therefore live his intent for the earth as he created it then in the fifth dimension. Realize that as this happens it will take some time for it to be experienced in your present reality.


This was a creation idea of intent that his higher self portrayed and played out at the same time he as Enki, Lord of Sumeria, was living the 3D reality that began the free will experience in earnest. What came before that time was the repatterning and preparation of all of life on earth for the living out of the free will experience, or duality.


This is the result of Enki coming to the understanding in his evolvement that it is fast approaching the time when all of this will be coming to the same vibration and that means that the great unfoldment and unification of the timelines will be coming into being. It is now time to set the wheels in motion and do his assigned part to ready the earth for this to take place.


What will result for all of you and the reality that you live in is that the occurrences of bland spaces, irrefutable feelings of emotional draining, and soaring emotions without seeming cause will all come together and bring you to another vibration. When this happens, you will feel a euphoria that will take you several minutes into ecstasy, or possibly for a matter of hours. At the end of that time you will feel lighter and clearer, and you will most likely have a new idea of the next step in your journey.


I AM very honored and pleased to have the good fortune to be telling you this at this time. As Enki goes to his assigned place in time, he is taking his love for mankind with him to experience the energies as he does. He will call out to some of you of your time to awaken to your parts in his evolvement, for many of you have direct intercourse with his journey at this time. That is because you were there with him playing your parts with him at the time of the interrelation of the dimensions that was set in place to be revisited at this time.


I encourage any of you who feel a call to pause in your activities in the next few days and give homage to your involvement, and to receive from your higher self the information that is applicable to this inter-dimensional time shift. For those of you who did not have a direct involvement then, I suggest that you too tune in if you feel any changes, or odd sensations and give thanks for the unitedness that you are undergoing.


This is a beautiful time for all of you on earth, and as the time shortens and absorbs more of itself, you are becoming more of yourselves. You are coming closer to the time when you will be remembering more of who you are. This is a glorious time for all of mankind, and I look forward to the reunion in which we will all celebrate and give thanks for who we are and what we have done.


I salute you all, and thank you for the blessings.


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate