Wakeup Call Message
August 17, 2005





In this morning we find a constant stream of love emanating from the cosmos and from the ones on earth who are in tune with the energies of transformation. This circle of Light is bound with the energies of the transformative influence of the Christ, and with this many of you who are bound to that energy will be transfigured in a way that spells a new energetic move to ascension.


Good day my dear ones, I AM Sananda and I come to you with news of a change taking place in the cosmos and within the beings of those who have responded to the call. With this clarion call comes a newly refreshed call to action and to the destiny that is being fulfilled at this time on earth.


What this means to those who have answered the call is that they will find themselves propelled into the midst of the next phase of their life. For some it can mean a whole new direction in their course. For others it can mean a more direct path to the goal they have been following.


This will play itself out in various ways. One way is to find that in the case of a new path, their world can be torn inside out and upside down. They may find that what they wanted and headed for the night before is altogether out of reach today.


Bear well with this, for it is an instant in time, and for a short time it will cause you to pause and reconsider your journey. This is to be expected, for what served you before no longer serves you. What will serve you will come to your attention and then you will be able to follow the new lead and find that it is a smooth flowing river that takes you to the knowledge of the new direction and the ultimate destination.


For those who awaken this morning or tomorrow, who are continuing in your present path, you may find that there is a bright new idea for accomplishing that which you are destined for. You may hear from a person with a new freshness to your work, and in this you will find a speeding up of the course to the ultimate goal.


Take a moment or two in silence and then allow your senses to stir and with the intent for a clarity in this matter. When you have gotten a sense of what this will look like and how it will feel, then you will also have a new sense of direction. What you do in this journey will be revealed to you in more depth than before. It will flow in the direction that promises an effortless ascent into heaven.


We take this time now my friends to reiterate what others have been relaying. This is an important period in these few days in which a new phase is in progress. This is a time when all those who live on earth will lay their cards on the table. Some will come up with a hand that supports their continuation in this grand game, and some will chose to fold. Some others will remain on the periphery as they survey the activities, and then they will choose, or not to jump back in with eyes wide open.


We give you an opportunity, my dear ones, for with this opportunity is the invitation to Heaven. We are all with you and are answering your call for support. As the requests come our way and the messages of intent are planted firmly in the quest for ascension, we see the over-riding effects that this all has on earth and all of her life.


It is an awesome sight, and it stirs the senses. We see that the rainbows of light are numerous and growing stronger every day. Some dear hearts are hearing this call on a level that they have not as yet comprehended. Nevertheless it is there, and we are answering. It is a warming feeling that we have to see all of the intentions of Light that are beaming forth, even as some of those who beam that light are still standing in the shadows that their light casts.


This tells us that the energies of love have been more widespread than we had seen. We recognize that more and more of you are awakening to your light seed than had been even 50 years ago. This is a delightful thing for us to behold, for it means a larger part of our family is remembering their roots and are on their way home.


What a reunion this shall be! Glory cast upon riches of the heart and soul. Celebration as one by one, throng by throng family comes home to share in the feast. The bounty of the ages awaits those who reach out and grab the brass ring. Fun, happiness, and playfulness are the call of the day. Come and lend your joy to the process for we are growing to a huge welcoming party.


The candle is lit, and the Light is bright. Come on home for we are awaiting the coming with open arms.


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate