Wakeup Call Message
August 11, 2005





My dear ones, when the sky is purple and tinged with gold, what is it you see? What are the thoughts that you have and what is the song that you sing? Is it the song of love, and the thought of heaven? Is it the feeling of joy that another day has ended and you remain to welcome another morn?


I AM Sananda, and I come to you this day with an invitation, an invitation to put aside all worry and care and come with me on a trip through the heavens. I invite you to leave your daily trimmings behind and flow through the cosmos on a great white cloud.


This is the course to bliss, my friends, and with this course is the path to everlasting light. It is the reawakening of your splendor and the realization that ye art Gods. We beckon you to ride the waves of ecstasy and see the colors of the rainbow in all that you do.


First we will ascend into my craft. It awaits your coming and invites you in. The seats are cushioned and mold to your body as a glove to a hand. The lights are soft and welcoming, and the air is sweet with the fragrance of your own favorite flower. Yes, you each are gifted with your own individual fragrance; that is the gift of diversity in Divine action.


Next, the music of the spheres rings through your senses as a flowing river. This music reverberates with your own rhythm and sets your senses at peace. You drift into a harmonic association with all there is, and soon you experience a sound that is emanating from your own voice.


This sound is the sound of your vibration. It is directed by your DNA to suit the exact posture of your beingness. Any disturbance within your system is equalized and your totality is once more in harmony with the Source.


As we gently lift off from our docking, you gaze outside into the vastness of space. You see the stars as they beckon to you. Some of you see the smiles that wink back at you from the shimmering orbs as you glide by.


These orbs vibrate with your tone and a harmonic is established that speaks a grand hello to you. You realize that this is the language of the cosmos, and you know that the language is of love.


You respond with your own greeting, and that is of a fond reunion. This is the coming together of all that is Holy. You feel the response from the orb as it melts out of sight, and you know that while it may seem to be gone, it is never gone from your inner sight.


As we glide though the air, you see all kinds of wonders. You marvel at the sight of mechanisms that appear on first glance to be made of physical metals. In the next instant you know that they are living organisms, as you are.


So you think of how wondrous they are to your vision, and the return is tremendous. They acknowledge your support, and they tell you of your beauty. They appreciate your coming and they add that they are pleased with your visit. You wave as they slowly melt out of sight.


Then a startling thing; you sense an intruder into your reverie. What could it be, for it seems to be everywhere at the same time? How do you deal with this? It seems to want to overtake you, yet it has no movement.


Then as suddenly as it came, it is gone. The presence is gone and you are free. What could it have been, you wonder. The presence was you, your physical ego, and the load it carries. It came upon you as an arrow straight for your heart. Upon your avoidance of it, it became extinct, as if it never were.


This is the way of it when the time comes that you will ascend without the enclosure that surrounds you now. When you free yourselves of the baggage that you will realize you no longer need, you will clear the air around you just as it happened this time.


When that comes about you will remember this journey and you will smile. For this is a preview of some of the wonders that you will behold as you reach for the heavens and find you are already here.


I take my leave now, and I begin our descent back to earth. You know the way, for you have been there a very long time in earth time. You navigate with your heart, for you think of those whom you left behind on this trip through the cosmos. That thought brings you on level with the plane of earth that is the home from which you flew.


You come into sight of the familiar rooftops and trees, fluttering in the winds. You see the loving way that the people regard you, as you are able still to read their minds and hearts. You wonder how long this ability will last to read your loved ones and know yourself as One with all there is.


Then you know that it never stopped in actuality. It was always that way. You merely decided to forget all that and begin anew with no memory of that. Now you know that you will one day bring that memory back, for it is written in the stars and bouncing off the clouds.


Farewell to the wonder, and welcome to the journey to the enrichment of the soul, and the coming home of the beingness. You are all in this together, and now you know the fullness of it. Rejoice and be glad, for you are there, heaven on earth.


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate