Wakeup Call Message
August 04, 2005



 Hi Everyone,


We had a wonderful time in Maine on our vacation with my family. Now it is time to pick up the pace and get back to this work/play that we so dearly love.


We were saddened while in Maine to hear of a dear fellow lightworker who departed to another realm. Michael Schlosser passed over to resume his work on the side that suits this phase of his work with Spirit.


We all miss him, yet we know he is not gone from us. I felt his dear presence just yesterday as I sat with Tara, Rama and Mark and talked of his gifts to us. His caress was unmistakable and I carried it with me long after.


He told us that he would be with us tonight as we salute him in the conference call. He is dearly loved and as we gather together we will hold Cynthia, his dearly beloved in our embrace, knowing that she too is a lighted being and is always in his presence.


We love you all!


  Nancy and Bob



Wake up Call: Sananda Aug 04, 05


My dear ones, this is a message of hope for many of you who have lost loved ones. This is a time for so many when people are being taken, and are leaving of their own accord. With these leavings there are many who are left behind to mourn their loss and to wonder at the sudden departure.


I AM here to explain some things and to open some doors for the solace that is forthcoming. I AM also here to allow the tears of sorrow to flow and to see the light that comes at the end of the sorrow to shine forth on the love that unveils the truth.


I AM Sananda, and I come with a message that reverberates through time and shows the way to the unfoldment of the dire happenings of the ever evolving series of events that lead us all to the Promised Land.


With the passing of a beloved lightworker there is always the question, “Why? Why now when there is so little time left till the realization of the dream? Why does this one have to leave right now when he could so soon rejoice with all of us?”


My dear ones, this is a time for all of you to see the truth of this matter. When the dearly departed find themselves in the light of The Creator, there is a clarity that envelops him. This clarity is the truth of why he has returned, and with the return is the knowledge that he is no longer encumbered by the solidarity of the physical form.


Now he is embellished with the light of his own being, and with the light he can shine forth the beacon that will light the way for all who love him. This is an agreement that has been entered into with all of you.


As this light shines the nuances of the teachings that have come thus far are revealed and the clarity that he now feels is echoed throughout the hearts and minds of all of you. He sends his teachings now through the instruments that he created in the hearts of all of you. He sends the love through the deposits of information that he rested in your knowingness, and that you now will bring forth to light your way.


Realize that he served as a doorkeeper for all of you who were drawn to his teachings. He served to bless you all with his service and with his love, for he held a candle to your understanding and allowed your own truth to come forward and be realized.


Now you will go forward in the knowledge that you have held for your own journey and in that respect he opened the door for you and you are walking through it.


Now hold onto your hats, for he is waiting for you to recognize him in your waking dreams. He is seeing the way that you come to his presence and the way that you will recognize him in every thing you do. He knows that you are on the verge of a whole new awakening and that with this awakening will come the realization that you have the power to make the dreams come true that you have till now entrusted with others.


Now it is time for all of you to pick up the pieces that have flagrantly been tossed around and stomped on, and utilize them with your own love and comfort. Come to the downtrodden with your ability of comfort to bring the smiles to their eyes and a lift to their step. They will then be downtrodden no more and will file into line with you as you go about your business of bringing the truth to the masses and to the lives of all who listen.


This is a glorious time, and with the grand works that you do there will be no more sense of loss, for he will be with you all the way, as I AM and so many others. This is a glorious time for all of mankind, and with the gong sound there will be many who will stand and be counted and there will be a resounding throughout all of earth life of the truth of what has been taking place in the shadows.


As these shadows come into the light and cease to exist, there will be a great unveiling of the light of mankind and the fear that has forsaken them. This is the finest hour, and with it comes the realization that life on planet earth is taking a new turn and all of you are the ones who are making the turn.


Take the heart teachings of this fine being who has stepped into another realm, and know that he is beside you and is walking with you every step of the way. He shines his love to you and he caresses you with his heart and his love as surely as if he were standing beside you in the physicalness through which you all came to love him so well.


He lifts his cup to you and he drinks the potion that be-spells the eternal nectar of the Gods. He sees you as perfection, and he salutes you as he walks with us into Heaven.


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate