Wakeup Call Message
August 30, 2005



  St. Germain 


It is another clear day, and the sun is shining on the parade. With the events that are taking place all over the globe is it no wonder that people seek the cheer of the sun and relish the load being lifted as they bask in the warming rays?


Good morning, I AM St Germain, and I come to you today with some news of the hurricane. I come with the news that after the onslaught of the fury there is now a calm. Those who work to clean up the devastation left in the wake of Katrina are finding that they are very much in gratitude for the lives that were spared, rather than being in anger and frustration for those who left this planet.


We in no way are diminishing the effect on the loved ones of those who played their parts in this storm. They are the angels who gave the gift of life to the others on earth who remain and who will be carrying on as they go about the process of cleaning up and of restoration. Those who find themselves in gratitude, also feel the deep loss of those left behind, though they do not feel it in a way that stops them, rendering them of no use.


This is a reflection of the changing times. Where as before after a devastation such as this people were not able to bring themselves to action without spending their own fury to match that of the storm, now we are seeing that the fury is no longer expressing itself in the fury of yesteryear, but in acceptance of what is. It is not a weakness, but a calm that pervades the cells and the beingness of those people.


This is what brings great peoples together. It is what reaches out and motivates the people to action, born in the strength of the Spirit. It is what cleans up the debris in record time, and rebuilds with a furor that doubles the acceptability of the occurrence. When we see this kind of repercussion we know that there is a change that has taken place in the hearts and souls of man.


This brings me to another piece of news, and it is that where once there was a strong need for retribution with such an event, there is now only the rushing forward of the energy of help. Help to the fellow man, help to those who are in need of assistance, help to those who have lost all, or nothing but a sense of belonging. Some feel that they have lost where they belong, for their community has been swept away with the winds and the water.


What we are seeing is that with the touch, or one word, the support of the neighbor, the stranger who happens by, there is a new community forming. This community is comprised of people from all over the area that is engulfed in water. They are coming from their home place, as they are lead to stray from their own need. They are in search of the place where they can reach out and lend a hand and a heart to those who find that familiarity is not welcome any more.


They are finding this a puzzle, this need to stray from the familiar. They are wondering why they seek the difference, while at the same time they yearn to be within the confines of that familiarity. As they come together with the strangers, they find a solace that strengthens, and gives them courage to face the tasks at hand.


This is a sure sign that these people are tuning in to a higher calling. They are following the tone of allowing their fellow man to be the source of their strength and the bearer of the riches of Spirit. They are answering a call from within to seek others, and through assisting them they assist themselves. They are seeing that the things that are covered beneath the waters and mud are of no value without the love and unitedness of the others who share this tragedy.


This is the beginning of the new dispensation, my dear ones. This is one of the sure signs of the coming times. It is not so much the outer signs of unitedness. It is the way that people flock to the others in need and lend their time and their efforts to assure that all is well for their brother and sister.


We have come a long way, my dear ones, and we are seeing that in this road that is well traveled, there are the signs along the way that give homage to the nature of man. These are the sign of the rising up of the vibratory level in which all of you function. It is what dreams are made of, and what turns the nightmares to the dreams of love and togetherness. It is what brings these dreams into the light of day and renders them reality.


We begin this day with a song, for there is one coming from that land covered in water and mud. Rather than a cry of sorrow and despair, we are hearing tones of harmony and love for one another. There is a new strength that is resonating forth, and in this resonance, we hear the distinct tones of the peace emanating from the inner core of Gaia.


She has released yet another quotient of lower energy vibration and is feeling the effects of the cleansing. She is living the pangs of gratitude that she feels for all who are here still and for all who smile down on her from their places in heaven. She sends her love and compassion to all who are involved, and that is all who live on earth, for there is no separation one beautiful being from another.


She is resting in freedom from the congestion that had to be released in order for her to be able to send forth her light from the inner core in yet another steady stream of ascension energy that matches that which is being beamed toward the earth. She is seeing that she has accomplished a great deal with her sweep and release of the energies that have collected over the centuries in that place.


Feel her bliss and her rest as she allows the healing energies of restoration to encompass all who gave their gifts to this cause that she so bravely entered into. Allow her feelings to accompany you through your days and nights and allow them to be involved in the restorative events that she sends forth for the benefit of all who live in that place. It will give you new strength and will render miraculous results.


I go now and watch as you all lend your energies of support to the cleanup. As you do this there is a miracle taking place that you will be able to feel in your hearts as the days and weeks progress. This will sustain you and all of those who wearily, yet peacefully restore the lives of all who have been affected. And in that peace, weariness will be replaced with a new vigor.


All of you have been affected, and you will feel that and lend your energies to the loving action that is to bring a new place in the hearts of all who go there. Be at peace and feel with gratitude the love and compassion that brings the miracles of new life to all there is.


You are blessed.


Thank you dear Master St. Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate